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6 Reasons why players love Elder scrolls online

6 Reasons why players love Elder scrolls online
Photo by Yan Krukau – Pexels

When it was released, Elder Scrolls Online suffered a little bit because of the bugs that were still in the game. Not to say about the pricey monthly subscription that you had to pay.

More than that, everyone had Skyrim in mind so every gaming addict would go and compare the Elder Scrolls Online with Skyrim and talk about the differences between them. ESO being the online version of Skyrim could not be possible.

But in this article, we are going to give you 6 reasons why players love to play Elder Scrolls Online.

  1. This one is cheap

If you choose to play Elder Scrolls Online you will be surprised to find out that for this game there is not monthly subscription. Yes, you have to pay only once, in order to be able to play the game but that’s it. Back in the day you would have to pay for the game, and also pay an additional monthly subscription. That was something that not many players could afford.

Now the game is available on amazon for a very cheap price and it will offer you a lot of content for this small sum of money.

  1. You`ll get all the DLCs

From the beginning, the game developed a lot of DLC`s, and in terms of quality they are some of the finest. You will unlock awesome areas, funny quests and we do guarantee that the money is more than worth.

The most beautiful part about the DLC is that with each one of them becoming available, a large area on the map would become available too, in order for you to explore. Also in the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, a lot of new skills lines were added. Not to mention the price of each DLC. On every release, one DLC was 15 or 10 pounds. Now you can get all of them at a very low price.

  1. Everyone loves the characters

Unlike Skyrim, in the Elder Scrolls Online each of the the characters really shows off some personality. You get to choose between bulky warriors, racists and scummy people. More than that, every character has its own traits. If you choose to play with Heimskr, you have to know that he just wouldn’t shut up. Or Balgruuf who is a little bit arrogant.

The Prophet had a very engaging backstory and Cadwell was just simply likeable.

  1. Spend your time exploring

Yes! It is just what we’ve ever loved about Skyrim! A big and beautiful world to explore. It will take you hours to get from one corner to another. You wouldn’t even have time for just walking because there will be a lot of quests popping out. Tamriel is a very big world to explore.

If you loved Skyrim for the exploration parts, you will definetly enjoy ESO.

  1. Earn money by playing the game

Did you know that on the internet you can find some platforms where players can sell their ESO Gold and items or buy ESO Gold currency that can be used in-game. Eldorado.gg is the best platforms for this kind of trades. And it is very easy for any player to sell and ESO Gold.

  1. Awesome combat action

Many critics said that ESO does very well on this part of the game and the combat action is actually better than the classic Skyrim. You are able to knock down your opponent if you combo the right attacks.

You have to be careful though, everything you can do in battle can be also be put to use against you. We advise you to take care when engaging in a fight, because you’ll never know who you are fighting against.

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