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7 helpful tips for homeowners with mortgage issues

When money is flowing freely and your life is looking prosperous, you may think of nothing taking out a mortgage. Unfortunately, times can change and your income may diminish with the loss of a job, a loved one or even with the birth of a child. When this happens, your once easy-to-afford mortgage can be downright impossible to pay each month. You may find that you have just enough money to pay the mortgage and not much leftover. You may not even have enough to pay the mortgage and are risking going into foreclosure.

These seven helpful tips can be beneficial when facing mortgage problems:

  1. Sell Your Home Quick

A quick home buying company, like Flying Homes, can provide on-screen assessments and evaluations of your home to see what it’s worth. The company can then make an offer and you can sell it to them. Oftentimes, the price you receive for the house is just enough to pay off the mortgage and be free of that burden. You can then choose to either rent or take out another, cheaper mortgage on a different piece of property.

  1. Consider Remortgaging

If your current mortgage payment is too much, you can consider remortgaging to lower these rates. This extends the time you have to pay off the new mortgage, turning a typical 30-year mortgage into one that’s 50 or 60 years. However, the payments are a lot less and easier for you to afford. You may want to consider this if you’re struggling to pay the mortgage every month.

  1. Budget and Cut Costs

You may be overspending in other areas of your life without realizing it. This can put a damper on your finances and make it difficult to pay mortgages and other bills. Try to see where you’re overspending and cut costs when appropriate. For example, if you’re overspending on credit card interest, consider consolidating your debt. If you eat out a lot or go shopping more often than needed, cut out these costs by staying home more often.

  1. Consider Renting

Renting out a small portion of your home can be beneficial when it comes to bringing more money in. If you have an area in your home that can be rented, like a downstairs apartment or basement, consider doing this. The added income can help with paying that mortgage every month, thus making it more affordable for you and your family without having to move or refinance.

  1. Get a Property Evaluation

You may be spending too much on your mortgage without knowing it. The property you’re living on right now might have devalued over time, meaning that you have a high mortgage on a home that isn’t worth the amount you’re paying. In this case, consider having the property re-evaluated to see what it is worth and then negotiate the mortgage to lower your rates.

  1. Sub-Divide

Sub-dividing the property can be a good way to lower mortgage payments because the value of your property will decrease. If your property is big enough, consider subdividing. Not only does this lower the value of the property you’re living on, but you can then sell the other portion of property to help pay off the mortgage.

  1. Speak to the Bank

Most banks don’t like to see people lose their homes to foreclosure. It’s a scary and often difficult process for all parties involved. Because of this, it is important to consider talking to the bank. Let them know that the mortgage payments are simply too expensive and that you’ve either had a change of income in the past or something else has come up to make these payments difficult to pay off. They may be willing to work with you to ensure that your mortgage payments are most affordable for you and your family.

When it comes to dealing with mortgage issues, it’s not uncommon for most homeowners to have problems at times. You may find that the payments are just too much each month or that a change in your income has made it impossible to afford living in your home. These helpful tips should be beneficial in keeping your home or selling it off quickly to avoid foreclosure.

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