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9 Crazy things students shouldn’t do

The COVID-19 outbreak has altered the lifestyle globally. Stay home stay safe message is the advice that everyone is trying to follow. Out-break affected all fields of life where everyone is stuck at home and frustrated when it will end. Therefore, there are many things we can do better, even in such an unpredictable situation. Most importantly, kids are at risk as their routine is changed though the online teaching system is keeping them connected with the studies. But where learning is essential, staying active is as well vital. There are many ways you can keep your kids engaged while learning at home. Also, there are guidelines for online students to avoid issues. Furthermore, as no one knows how long this situation will longer on, so keeping kids off school can be an unsettling proposition. Although we cannot neglect the time we have got to spend with our families, it is more than a blessing. Keeping students up to date with school work and keeping their attention alive the whole day should be priorities, especially in the days of lockdown. Here in this article, you will find effective ways to keep kids active while learning. With the help of different activities, you can follow their minds busy in a fruitful way. 

Avoid timing waste internet surfing the best way to keep kids interactive during studies is to organize different activities. Do not just let them spend time on internet surfing, instead involve them in various activities, and they can enhance their learning potential and make studies fun for them. 

  1. Avoid video games 

Video game addiction has made students slaves of it. So, especially online students should not spend time on online games. It is common among young students that when they start playing, they spend most of the time in front of the computer without realizing it. Try to set the alarm and bond yourself before playing a video game this way, and you can avoid time waste and be punctual in your studies. 

  1. Irrelevant discussions

Sometimes students indulge in useless discussion or of the topic chats. These irrelevant discussions and conversations divert attention and student can easily forget the purpose of the discussion board. Be attentive and try to stick to the study discussion topic. Be specific in questions and ask relevant questions instead of making long meaningless conversations. As long chats and off the topic chats can irritate the teachers and also the class fellows. 

  1. Don’t get late

Going to school and college is a different experience, and attending an online class is something advance and requires extra attentiveness. Because most students are not used to it, therefore, students can use different apps for alarms, so they will not miss the class. Also, they must know that the online courses run with count down, and students can’t ask fellow for attendance. So be there on time and don’t miss or get late for the class. Being punctual can make your online classes fruitful. 

  1. Try not to cheat 

Online study is hard as compare to manual studies. The software can quickly check cheating and copying. Try to write your content, but there is no offense in taking help as a guideline from online content. 

  1. Avoid plagiarism 

Online assignments can easily reject by the software, so come up with your idea and knowledge based on your study. 

  1. Don’t believe every-content you find online.

Be wise in selecting material for study, especially when you are an online student. Mostly students trust in notes but try to do some research so you could find authentic and relevant information. It’s better to watch a documentary movie that brings new ideas to your brain. But even such a movie need not be taken close to real life.

  1. Don’t overlook online attendance. 

 Attendance is as essential as in manual class attendance. So if you are logging in time and listening to the online class, you are automatically meeting your attendance requirement. 

  1. Don’t share assignments with friends before submission. 

Be careful in sharing assignments with fellows before submission, because if they submit first yours will mark as plagiarized. Keep your hard work with you until you provide it on your portal.  

  1. Don’t forget to read course books.

Never neglect the importance of books no doubt there are helping materials available, but what you can get by reading a book you can’t get from anywhere else. Books have detailed knowledge about everything so you can get unbeatable information and score good grades by reading books. A study that combines with books and regular class’s guarantees success and development of a student 


Social distancing has made people stay home world-wide. In such circumstances, how to stay active and make students productive to maintain physical and mental health is a rising question. Therefore, no one can neglect the importance of self-protection, so if you think wisely, then there are several ways precautions for the student to avoid any problem during online studies, students can involve themselves actively during learning hours. Also, by avoiding such mistakes, they can learn so many things. Also, they can adopt new online study trends. Boredom can happen and prevent it. Try different activities, and take an interest in the home and physical activities. Online classes, fun games in the yard, can make online study as straightforward as fun. Just try to be open to change and be wise enough to avoid such errors. By following the above guidelines, students can make their study useful and exciting.

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