A classic solution
An ADtranz case study

Page 1: Introduction

In today’s rapidly changing business world, managers are repeatedly faced with a series of problems requiring a range of solutions. Although everyday problems are routine and relatively easy to solve, strategic problems are longer-term and require considerable judgement, intuition and experience. In order to solve such problems, therefore, the decision-making process needs to be based on...
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Page 2: Solving a problem

STEP 1 recognise and define the problemSTEP 2 identify the constraints and decision criteriaSTEP 3 identify alternativesSTEP 4 evaluate the alternativesSTEP 5 choose the best solutionThe first stage in solving any problem is to recognise and define exactly what the problem is. In this case, the problem was that a large number of rolling stock vehicles needed to be replaced quickly with...
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Page 3: Product development

Both companies began to work together to turn the theoretical concept into a real product. Having made the decision to pursue the project, it was important to assess the unique elements of the idea and identify any advantages it would provide. As a basis, the old vehicles were tested to assess performance requirements, tolerances, kinematics, weight etc. Building a prototype A critical task was to...
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Page 4: Benefits of the 'Classic'

A new cab layout was designed with driver comfort and ergonomics as a priority. Ergonomics is the science which deals with the interaction of individuals, objects and the environment or system in which they operate. The new interior has a flexible seating layout which could be adapted to the needs of each train operator. Windows are double-glazed and a combination of underseat and bodyside heaters...
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Page 5: Building on competitive advantage

The Classic has been developed at a time of radical change in the railway industry. It is the result of careful planning, research and development by Adtranz and provides a cost-effective, consumer-friendly solution. Although the units look new, the Classic is an environmentally friendly solution as it is produced from recycling parts of existing trains. Adtranz has made best use of existing...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Classic is a clear demonstration of a different product concept which reflects a new approach in a changing industry. It has involved: the proactive development of a new product to meet the needs of a potential customer the side-by-side collaboration of Adtranz and Angel Train Contracts on an innovative development to meet a specific customer need.
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