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Alidjan ibragimov: contribution to the development of sports is a prerequisite for the prosperity of the country

In one of his interviews, Alidjan Ibragimov emphasized that he agreed with the position of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Not only oil and other natural wealth should be recognizable across the republic. Therefore, the businessman decided to invest in the construction project of the Sokol sports complex in the Almaty region. In 2019, the circuit was opened, but still, this investment will pay off to the billionaire no earlier than in 20 years. Alidjan Ibragimov took up the project primarily not because of the profit, but because he wanted to give his beloved homeland a new attraction. More about the Sokol sports complex and about the Kazakhstan businessman himself – in the material below.

The Sokol sports complex is more social than profitable for businessman Alidzhan Ibragimov. Yes, in the long run everything will bear fruit, but not in the near future. The billionaire knew all these points and invested the amount in the first place, so that his homeland would receive another pride. It is known that the businessman himself is fond of racing, so the construction of the circuit became the realization of his cherished dream. Since his sons share their father’s hobbies, they took a direct part in the construction of the «Sokol». Dostan, Davron, Shukhrat and Furhat often came to the site of the sports complex to make their important contribution to its creation.

The Sokol Sports Complex: the development of auto and motor sport in Kazakhstan

Billionaire Alidjan Ibragimov did everything to ensure that the Sokol sports complex was as safe as possible for those who would drive cars and motorbikes along the highway, as well as for spectators. He himself knows how sadly everything can turn out if you do not comply with safety standards. The businessman himself was fond of motorcycles while younger and even received serious injuries.

The sons of Ibragimov Alidjan asked him for motorcycles in their teens, but for a long time he refused them, recalling his own experience. Time has passed, and his already grown-up children are still as fond of the auto and motor sports as the businessman himself. Alidzhan Rakhmanovich understands that saying “no” to a child is not enough. Anyway, sooner or later, they will do everything as they please. Therefore, the billionaire considered his important mission to create a safe place for racing in Kazakhstan. So that not only his children are not hurt, but also the rest of the guys who love this sport. In an interview, Ibragimov said: “The Sokol complex is safe, I’m sure of this, unlike in recent years there are such races (Motorsport venues. – Ed.) Where young children die – it’s terrible.”

What is on the unique site of the Sokol sports complex

The sports and training complex was opened in 2019 in the Illiisky district of Almaty. It is located on the 76th kilometer of the “M36” Almaty-Astana highway. The future plans of the project organizers have scheduled the annual hosting of auto and motorcycle sporting events in the currently popular disciplines – drift, drag, time attacks (karting, motorcycle racing).

“Sokol” was created not only for those who like to participate in such competitions, but also for fans who like to watch extreme sports live. During the construction of the complex, all safety standards for both drivers and spectators were taken into account. You can come to auto competitions with your family and friends. Sokol has many entertainment venues, including a site designated for paintball and airsoft, which was introduced by the younger son of Ibragimov, Alidjan. So here you can not only watch the races and drive, but also have fun and organize the best family vacation. For residents of Kazakhstan, this project has become a real gift!

Alidjan Ibragimov: what will the creation of Sokol bring to Kazakhstan?

The Sokol sports complex will be able to fully develop motor racing in Kazakhstan – Alidjan Ibragimov is sure of this. According to the businessman’s plan, in the coming years some well-known competitions will please the country, which will further increase the recognition of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Such high-profile events will help attract foreign fans of car racing, followed by new investments in the development of Kazakhstan. A businessman always looks at the prospects of the project, even if the Sokol will pay off to him personally at least 20 years later, because for the country it will have a powerful socio-economic effect in the coming years.

The area of the sports complex made for competitions for auto and motorcycle racing is of incredible scale. It is designed for approximately 7000-7500 spectators. Inside the Sokol sports complex there is a unique 4495 m long highway-ring track (the architect, creator of this miracle is Hermann Tilke), drag track – 886 m, karting track – 1650 m, road – 1640 m., and a drifting area – 16 000 m2. All competition results are recorded by the most accurate telemetry system. It’s immediately clear that the Falcon was created specifically for major competitions, which, as you already know, will be held in the near future. Now Sokol can host MotoGP, Superbike, DTM, WTCC.

According to Kazakhstan’s Forbes, Alidjan Ibragimov and other Sokol investors have been negotiating for the Republic of Kazakhstan to include MotoGP with Dorna Sports for several years now. Knowing the talent of a billionaire to convince and win, we have no doubt that they will come to agreement. In addition, Ibragimov did everything so that the sports complex was created taking into account all the necessary conditions for such competitions. First of all – the famous racetrack architect G. Tilke worked on the project, second of all – Racing Loop who built several world-famous racing tracks, acted as a consultant in the correct construction of the Sokol.

Sokol surely can be called the track of the highest standards. According to a representative of Racing Loop, such complexes around the world are few. Without a doubt, now Kazakhstan has every chance to become a new center for auto and motor sports.

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