Recruiting, selecting and training entrepreneurial managers
An Arcadia case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Arcadia Group Limited is one of the UK's largest fashion retail companies with over 25,000 employees, 2,000 outlets throughout the UK and a growing number of international stores.  In 2002 Arcadia changed from a Plc to a private companywhen Philip Green acquired the business for £800 million. Under Philip Green's ownership the group has been very successful, growing in profit and...
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Page 2: The importance of good management

The success of any business depends heavily on the effectiveness of its managers. Good managers need to make the right decisions and ensure the business is able to exploit any opportunities open to it. At the same time, good managers protect the business by anticipating and acting against any threats to its welfare. According to Frenchman Henri Fayol (1841-1925), managers have to: forecast...
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Page 3: Types of management style

There are several different management styles. For example, managers may be: Authoritarian (or autocratic). This type of manager tells subordinates what to do. An authoritarian approach may be necessary if tasks have to be completed quickly or if subordinates lack the experience or skills required for the job. This style of management may de-motivate employees, if they do not feel they have...
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Page 4: Recruitment and selection

Given the Arcadia Group's growth in recent years, as well as its plans for further expansion (more and bigger stores), the company is busy recruiting new staff. Recruitment occurs both at store level (with each store recruiting its own sales advisors) and centrally. Arcadia's Head Office is using specially designed management development programmes to target two groups: school leavers and newly...
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Page 5: Training

The Arcadia Group regards training as vital to the company's continuing success. The Group believes that high quality training will provide the company with its future managers. The Group provides new recruits with a structured training and career programme. This develops their portfolio of skills and builds on their potential. Recruits experience both informal and formal training. For...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Arcadia Group comprises a highly successful group of retail brands owned by Philip Green. He is widely recognised and respected for his ability to see opportunities and make things happen and recently topped the Drapers (Record, The Journal) Top 100 List of the most influential people in fashion retail. Those working for him are also given the space to make decisions that help to sustain...
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