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Are There Business Opportunities For Recovered Addicts?

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Starting anew is undoubtedly challenging for everyone involved, including the transformed addict, family, and friends. As most have known, this part of their journey isn’t that pretty since their past typically hinders the opportunities that come their way.

If you’d look up “Drug rehab West Yorkshire,” addicts who are planning to quit their substance abuse lifestyle could find it as a beacon of hope to eliminate this problem. However, once an individual has recovered, it’s a usual issue that they can no longer apply for jobs to support themselves financially.

With this struggle, many find themselves seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. But is this possible?

What businesses can I do?

Photography Services

Do you have a knack for creativity before you get lost in the wrong path? Then why don’t you try offering professional photography services?

According to CNN Business, the average searches of potential customers for this service amounted to 21,835 back in 2013, higher by 10,043 than the 2012 data.

Moreover, the pay is estimated roughly at $135 per hour, depending on what kind of event you are shooting. Your expertise might come in handy for family events like reunions, graduation, and weddings. But the demand for portrait photography has also seen an increase within the market.

Yet, if you want to know the bread and butter in the industry, then we highly suggest sticking with being a wedding photographer.

Have others overcome this problem?

At first, you might feel alone. But don’t you worry because that’s not true. Some people have reached their success who also walked the path you took. It wasn’t easy, but they made it.

Sam Polk

If you don’t know who this is, let us introduce you to the CEO and co-founder of “Everytable,” which has a reputation for providing affordable healthy food options for all through their social enterprise restaurant chain.

Sam is also the founder of “Feast,” a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that has a mission to advance wellness to underserved communities by connecting with people and providing them with healthy foods.

His current legacy is inspiration, but his past couldn’t have predicted this.

Sam admitted in several interviews that he was addicted to everything, most especially to money. Aside from this, he was also known to have formed an addiction to cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, Ritalin, and ecstasy while leading the business management of huge financial corporations, such as Bank of America and Credit Suisse.

A few years before Sam realized that he was too deep, he was gradually losing control. At this point, Sam looked for addiction treatments, and even though it was tough, Sam was able to recover himself.

By this time, he decided to leave Wall Street to pursue his entrepreneurial calling by setting up his Everytable business to pass on to others the chance to switch to a healthier lifestyle than they were used to.

Akshay Nanavati

It seemed like being a Marine took a toll on Akshay’s well-being, given that he has admitted struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after going on tour in Iraq and tried to cope by having an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Nonetheless, it’s no doubt that his life was in shambles, and suicidal thoughts have never left his mind, though he tried his best to disregard these by binge drinking alcohol.

Akshay said that he thought that the centre of his addiction was motivated by fear. And so, when he learned to conquer his fears, Akshay finally set himself free from the negative emotions throughout his life and underwent the recovery journey.

As a result of his success to redeem himself, Akshay turned to writing books in business leadership, where he authored the “Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth, and Happiness.”

Its success was so phenomenal that it ended up being endorsed by the Dalai Lama, who left a review that Akshay’s book helped people find the positives in the most agonizing and saddest experience in life.

At the moment, Akshay is a coach who offers coaching programs for individuals looking for the opportunity to reframe their fears by drawing in the expertise of Akshay in the subject. 

Austin Geidt

Austin is seen as an icon among aspiring women entrepreneurs, but unknown to most, she suffered from a dark past brought by her experiments with drugs when she was 19 years old.

Austin’s addiction to illegal drugs forced her to drop out of college and seek professional help in rehabilitation centres. In the end, all her efforts paid off.

Austin managed to defeat her addiction and return to college when she turned 25. In 2015, she proudly proclaimed her decade of sobriety.

Not long after, she became Uber’s fourth employee and spearheaded the company’s actions to become a publicly-traded organization. She stayed as an executive member in the select group of business icons in later years after Uber was recognized as one of the uprising companies in the world.


Your addiction might have pulled you to the darkest depths of your life, but it doesn’t mean that it marks the end of it.

If you’re struggling to stay sober, then visiting the wideworldcoaching.com webpage might give you an idea of the possible treatments that you could request from professionals.

It’s worth noting that not all journeys are the same, so don’t halt your progress because other individuals have successfully redeemed themselves earlier than you.

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