Meeting business needs through training and development
An Asda case study

Page 1: Introduction

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ASDA’s mission is ‘to be Britain’s best value retailer exceeding customer needs, everyday’ . This is backed by its purpose - ‘to save everyone money, everyday’ . ASDA recognises that these depend on a commitment always to put customers first in everything ASDA does, which is achieved through dedicated teams of ASDA colleagues. ASDA is a private limited...
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Page 2: Training and development

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Training involves acquiring new skills and knowledge in relation to a current role. Development relates to a person’s potential to acquire wider capabilities. ASDA uses both to support its mission and to benefit the business and colleagues. The retail sector offers a long-term career path. By developing colleagues with the potential to be GSMs, ASDA has put in place a robust long-term...
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Page 3: Costs and benefits of training and development

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Even in tough economic times, ASDA takes the long-term view that investment in training and development is the right thing to do both for the business and its people. ASDA has dedicated Stores of Learning (SOLs) across the company. These are stores which serve as centres of excellence for technical and behavioural training. Appropriate investment in training and development increases...
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Page 4: Progression routes

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There are many different roles within ASDA, from shop floor colleagues and specialist roles like bakery, to fashion buyers and lawyers. The career path shown is for a GSM who wants to develop to a ROM. Working in several different stores provides GSMs with the experience and background to operate effectively in a ROM role. Mark, a GSM who has recently opened a new ASDA store in Cumbria, says...
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Page 5: Identifying training and development needs

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Identifying skills and development opportunities for senior roles is essential to maintain leadership succession. ASDA’s aim is ‘to ensure we identify and create a robust internal succession plan to develop our internal talent’. It therefore provides a visible and structured career path for its GSMs, backed up by technical and behavioural training. Asda runs Development...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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ASDA’s tailored and personalised approach to training and development provides a strong foundation to meet its current and future leadership needs. The company plays to individuals’ strengths and offers various channels through which they can develop. This produces ASDA colleagues who are committed to the success and expansion of the business. By promoting and supporting...
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