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Attractive business opportunities in UAE

Business opportunities in UAE
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The United Arab Emirates offers great financial opportunities for potential investors.  The relaxed trade laws in the region, as well as, a growing infrastructure have resulted in an increase in potential business options.  The Gulf area has grown massively over the last three decades with a well-respected banking system and more political stability. This gives people peace of mind when planning investments, decreasing any risk involved.

There are many different types of economic opportunities to be found in sectors like banking, property and tourism.  Investors enjoy working in the UAE due to its encouraging tax environment, helping people to streamline their business overheads.  The average high capita income is over $45,000 with a high annual trade surplus.  The region is not as dependent on the sale of fossil fuels to boost its economy, lately, this has moved over to other sectors like logistics.  This has improved the country’s outlook and reduced its vulnerability to the oil market.

Free Trade Zones

In the UAE there are Free Trade Zones, which are aiding overseas investors by giving them full ownership with no taxes to pay.  Registering your company in the UAE can be hassle-free, with Ras Al Khaimah being one of the most popular places.  The region offers extremely low establishment fees, when compared with Dubai, but has the same exemption from corporate and income taxes.  The amount of required shareholders is less in Ras Al Khaimah, meaning that a single person can arrange and run a business in the region, without physically being located there.

Tough Choice for Investors

Deciding on what options to take when considering either Free Trade Zones or Offshore, it can be a tough choice for investors.  One vital factor to go over is that offshore businesses in the UAE are banned from actively trading in the UAE.  This is not ideal for a current UAE-based company to trade within that area, but an offshore firm can gain ownership of property and assets in the region.  There are some restrictions centred around Offshore Businesses in the UAE.  These companies are not allowed to carry out the business of insurance operations, including, insurance agents and insurance brokers.

RAK Investment Authority

Over the last decade, the RAK Investment Authority has provided one of the most sought-after offshore destinations in the world.  The International Business Company has proved to be a massive success, helping investors to perform and gain massive benefits from its favourable tax regulations.  The Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone is the ideal location for a low-cost office in the UAE, you need a RAK Freezone Company to help you set up.  This area has no trade restrictions on taxes or tariffs, meaning that it is a highly attractive place for new business and potential investment from around the globe.  The Free Trade Zones are exempt from paying taxes for up to fifty years, creating an enjoyable and stress-free environment for forward-thinking investors.  Given the world’s current economic climate, with plenty of insecurities based around Brexit, these relaxed laws can financial clarity will appeal to many businesses worldwide.

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