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Homemade Cell Phone Signal Booster Ways That Work

Let’s stop and think for a moment. The phone you’re holding in your hand can do some stuff that’s no different from real-life magic.

You can watch videos, play games, capture pictures, and even talk to someone around the globe as long as both of you have a signal reception.

Even if get a few decades back in time, features and facilities like this were not these compacts, to be honest. Especially the communication features.

What do you need to call your friend who’s living on another continent? It is simple, a mobile phone and a stable signal reception. But what if the signal reception in your area is not good enough to make the call? 

Here are six homemade ways including 4g repeaters that you can try to boost the signal strength of your mobile instantly. 

Update the phone’s software

It’s 2021 guys. The era of phones that can last their lifetime on factory-installed software is long over. 

Today, 99% of phone manufacturing companies, smartphone manufacturing companies try to improve the overall software version of their launched mobiles as soon as the new update is available.

Most of the time, the new software update is packed with new and improved features along with some software patches to enhance the user experience.

Now, if you haven’t yet updated your mobile to the latest software even after the update launch, kindly do so asap.

Delaying software updates eventually affects the overall performance of your mobile, including network connectivity.

Close down services you aren’t using at the moment

Another trick you can use to readily enhance the signal strength of your mobile is to reduce the overall and unnecessary load on the device.

Sometimes, there are mobile users out there who believe using every available service of the mobile 24/7 is important. Even if it means turning on the additional features and not using them.

In such cases, the WIFI, Bluetooth, location, etc are always turned on which don’t only drain the battery but also the overall signal strength of your device.

Turn off these not in use features and see the instant results.

Prefer WIFI calling over traditional calling

According to experts, using calling apps that are operated on WIFI is a much better option than using the traditional calling feature. Especially if you reside in an area with poor signal reception.

WIFI calling doesn’t only allow you to make phone calls throughout the globe with great connectivity, but it is also quite cheap in rates.

Where traditional international calls may charge a fortune for even calls that last a few minutes. WIFI-based calls will charge even less than half of this amount.

Use 4g repeaters

Let’s say you reside or work in an area with a peculiar signal distribution. For instance, the network coverage outside the building is quite astonishing, but inside the signals are most of the time dead.

This can be a real issue if you need to work or call someone from inside the premises. In this situation, using a 4g repeater is going to help a lot.

The booster will allow the 4g coverage inside the area with repetitive signal boosting as long as healthy signal strength is not achieved and maintained.

And here’s the fun part, you can even make your own DIYed 4g repeaters by following simple tutorials.

On-Off the Airplane mode

Well, for most of us this is the first response whenever the signals are down or something like that. But surprisingly, this technique works.

By turning the Airplane Mode on and then off is like manually rebooting the signal reception settings of your mobile. Once the Airplane mode is one, the mobile completely stops signal reception features.

But as soon as it gets back on, the mobile manually reboots its signal receptors. This technique is quite helpful if the internal signal receptors are causing issues with signal distortion. 

Also the use of homemade cell phone signal booster that actually works can be the right tactic to get the mobile signals you desire.

Sit as close as possible to a window

Yes, you read it right. This is probably one of the most convenient yet super effective ways to boost the signal reception in your house/office.

Most of the time, the construction material or various surrounding electronic devices may interfere with the overall network coverage around you. Most of the time, this is a temporary malfunction.

Simple, get near a window or some kind of open space where you can enjoy a healthy signal reception on your mobile.

Or a much better idea, set up your working space or bed near the window for a constant supply of healthy signals.

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