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Best 10 Tips To Keep Your Office Furniture Clean

While most businesses survive in a chaotic environment, most people are more productive in a clean environment. Besides, dealing with a large team requires more office space that needs to be cleaned at all times. After hiring a cleaner, you will get to achieve a cleaner space. However, there is more than what meets the eye in the office. A clean office is not just as clean if the furniture is not clean and organized. Also, it is hard for the furniture to be cleaned now and then. As such, you need to use the most appropriate methods to clean your furniture. Below are some of the tips to keep your office furniture clean.

Run a Damp Cloth on Wooden Furniture

Now and then, you should encourage your employees to maintain a clutter-free work station. Besides, it would be best if you taught them to return items where they found them. For instance, books, files and stationery have their place, which probably is wooden. If the furniture is wooden, using a damp cloth alternately can help avoid dust at all costs. It is easier to run a damp cloth when there are few items.

Using Termite Treatment

At times, people overlook the fact that termites can damage their office furniture. As long as they keep their office clean, they feel that they do not need to do anything extra to care for their furniture. In the case of a termite infestation, they incur a considerable loss due to damage to their expensive furniture. If your wooden furniture is old, consider using a termite treatment to avoid damage. Also, if the building housing your office is old, this treatment is a must-have.

Using Branded Coasters and Table Mats

In most cases, wooden furniture is used to store items in many offices. However, many offices have not explored the use of coasters and table mats for their offices. As such, they end up placing their items on bare surfaces that may end up being stained. To solve this, using branded coasters and table mats would be ideal. Besides, it is an excellent way of marketing your services.

Cleaning with the Appropriate Materials

Some furniture materials, such as leather, are hard to handle. As such, proper care is not a compromise. You should ensure that the appropriate materials are used in cleaning your leather furniture. If possible, it is essential to use the recommended products to clean them. It would be advisable not to use any regular cleaner that contains alcohol as it may end up damaging your furniture.

Schedule Cleaning Regularly

In a week, you can clean your office thrice. This can either be done by regular employees or hiring outside help such as office furniture Sunshine Coast. Ensure that the furniture is dusted well and cleaned in case of things such as spills. Also, unnecessary items should be taken out. Immediately after the furniture is cleaned, make sure that it is sanitized.

Stock Cleaning Items

In many cases, cleaning should be a continuous process. As such, ensure that you have a closet dedicated to furniture cleaning materials and products. Also, make sure that employees know that these items exist. In case of a spill, one can grab a paper towel and clean the mess. These items help avoid minor mishaps that can cumulatively result in dirty and unappealing furniture.

Do Away with Paperwork

Mostly, paperwork is the source of dirt in the office, and the furniture plays a role in housing the papers. However, if you can do away with paperwork and embrace new technology measures, you will end the menace of paper on desks and chairs, making your office look impressive.

Provide Personal Storage Places

Most employees place their items on desks due to a lack of personal space. It may look unappealing if your office has regular visitors. As such, providing them with private spaces will ensure that their furniture remains clean. Besides, the furniture will not be cluttered with items that are not being used.

Introduce Waste Baskets

If you can provide each employee with their waste basket, you will ensure that furniture remains clean. Besides, it will save time that is needed to throw trash. This is because they will be able to take care of the waste later and not during work hours. Waste baskets will help them avoid placing clutter on furniture, such as desks.

Promoting a Cleanliness Routine

It is wise to introduce your workers to a cleanliness routine. You can provide incentives for employees with clean desks and chairs. This will encourage them to keep their furniture clean at all times.

Keeping your office furniture clean is never an easy task. However, using the above tips will help you maintain clean furniture and promote a productive environment.

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