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Best SEO Tips For Dental Clinics in Singapore

If you are a newly opened practise, or a long running one looking for new patients, optimising your SEO is the best way to reach your goals. Dental practises can be sure to increase their overall interest and bookings by having good visibility on search engines. This can only be achieved through good SEO practises, especially if you are operating in such competitive geographical locations such as Singapore.

Before nose-diving into the world of SEO there are a few tips that you can consider to help you improve your visibility and chances of success. These tips below will ensure and will help you engage and grow your audience.

Choose relevant search terms

Whilst the impact of SEO is constantly evolving and changing keywords are, and will always be, the central focus. This is the key to success for any business, especially a dental practise. Choosing the correct key words is the most important part of dental SEO.

Remember to put yourself into the shoes of potential clients, think of how they might search for dental issues they are having as opposed to putting the formally correct version. You should definitely use the keyword research tool whilst deciding your keywords, this will tell you exactly how much it gets used, the click through rate and competition.

When you choose any keywords or search terms you should keep the users intent at the forefront of your mind. Consider adding Singapore or a variation of the city you operate from too.

Prioritise local SEO searches

As the Internet has allowed for globalisation to explode on a grand scale, for many businesses or retailers this is a great thing. Nevertheless, for dental practises it is important to design your SEO strategy with a geographical focus.

When you target the local market, moving from a global focus, to Singapore and then the city you operate within, this hones in the response rate and engagement opportunities. Now there is such a thing as a local pack, this is a zero-click search that can give you some amazing exposure opportunities for local SEO in Singapore.

Another great outlet you can use to optimise local SEO searches is by using Dentaleh a brand that offers a guaranteed dental seo in Singapore. They offer an easy way to really target your dental practise within the Singaporean market easily.

Make your dental practise website mobile friendly

Almost three quarters of Internet users primarily use their smartphones to access the Internet; this percentage is only set to increase as the years go on. It is very important that your site is mobile friendly to make it easier for your target audience to access and engage with it.

Most search engines now use their mobile versions of websites as opposed to the desktop versions as a standard. With this in mind, if you want to make any sort of impact with your website you must ensure it is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

Offer educational and dental content online

With the aim of improving your keyword search and increasing your rankings online education and dental content on your site this will really increase this. The most important thing is that you offer quality content; your posts should me trustworthy, authoritative and prove expertise.

By creating content that is relevant to dentistry, your local area and that follows the three factors for success. Today over 70% of people will stop to read a websites blog with nearly the same people that are using these as purchasing decisions.

Voice SEO can really help to optimise your Singaporean dental practise. With innovations from many big brands, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, voice technology continues to improve and be used.

Smart speakers are so prevalent in most households that naturally they are being used more and more. This means that your practise could really do well if they focus on optimising in voice search. Most households are very technology forward in Singapore; this could be a great way to gain a lot of engagement with ease.


These five tips are just some of the many ways that can help you optimise your SEO online. If you follow these tips then you will see a marked improvement in your engagement, bookings and potential new clients. Dental SEO is different to most other industries due to the locational focus. Dentists in Singapore should focus on their location as their strength, along with all their extensive treatment lists to help entice their clients.

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