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The best times to play bingo

Are you expecting to read: “anytime is Bingo time!” Although this can be true for a lot of bingo lovers, unlike what you might think, we aren’t simply going to say that the best time to play bingo is “absolutely anytime!”. 

In the bingo online world, you don’t have to check the opening times of your local bingo hall to see when you can play your favourite game, online bingo like BoomtownBingo is ready and waiting for whenever you feel like playing. However, we’ve done some research and have discovered that despite having the ability to play online bingo whenever and wherever there are some times which may be better to play online bingo for better results.

Just Superstition? 

Some players are highly superstitious, and this isn’t unique to bingo players, players across the entire gambling arena have superstitions around gambling, from not accepting winnings in $50 notes, to wearing lucky charms, socks, underwear and even not crossing your legs while playing, superstitions and gambling seem to go hand in hand for many players! But in bingo, does time really have an impact on the game?  

Does the Early Bird really get the Worm? 

Some bingo players believe that if a player wins bingo at 5am more than once for example, they associate this time as their lucky time window, which they then believe to be the best time for them to play the game for the best chances of winning. 

But does this superstition have any practical or scientific backing, or is it in fact, just an old wives tale based on pure luck and coincidence? Playing very early in the morning, like 5am for instance could have an impact on your chances of winning, however, as it may be the case them there are fewer players awake at this time which means that the odds could be stacked in your favour. However, if everyone has the same idea as you that early morning, then this will have the reverse effect! In addition to this, jackpots that are on offer at these times may not be as significant as the jackpots on offer at peak times when more players are engaged in the games, so you may well be worse off playing at this time than you may be playing bingo online during peak times.  

One of the most entertaining aspects of online bingo game is the ability to chat and interact with other players, adding a social element to the online experience so you feel more immersed in the game, providing an experience similar to what you would have in a real-life bingo hall.  

Is Online Bingo all down to Lady Luck? 

In conclusion of this, it’s really all down to personal preference when you play bingo and what the best time for you would be so that you can not only win huge jackpots but to also thoroughly enjoy the game of bingo. To debunk the time superstition, it is essentially all down to luck rather than being able to predict when the best time to play would be!

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