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Best of the best what bingo room to prefer in online

Familiar to everyone under the name “Lotto” and beloved around the world, the game of bingo has long been popular in the virtual gaming space. The rules are quite simple and allow you to play bingo online for all those who want to feel the excitement without risking large sums and without comprehending the wisdom of playing roulette.

The following are the best sites for playing bingo: Russian and foreign “bingo-rooms” and lottery sites that have a Russian-language version. We will also pay attention to the available payment methods since it is important for players from the CIS that the deposit of funds and withdrawal of winnings are carried out through the usual payment systems. Separately, we note the current availability of applications for mobile devices.

Little Lotto Presentation

The game has several varieties, each of which can be conditionally attributed to the British or American version of bingo.

Since childhood, we have been familiar with the British version of 90 balls, which we are more used to calling “lotto”. The playing field is a grid with three rows of 9 columns.

The “American” bingo playing field is a 5×5 square. The game involves 75 balls. You must fill the line vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or one of several hundred possible patterns.

But only with these types of modern versions of bingo are not exhausted. In addition, today there is a huge number of sites, each of which contains from tens to hundreds of bingo games. And how to choose the best among them?

  • To get started – appreciate the variety of options presented on the main page of such a bingo room. Of course, you can play the same variety from year to year, but won’t you be bored as a result? After all, even the most favourite games sooner or later bother! Modern developers take this fact into account, and every year hundreds of new products appear on the gambling market, which not only differs in different designs or small changes in the rules but also cheers their clients with some presents.
  • Bonuses are an indicator of the most loyal gaming sites. If a pleasant surprise awaits you at the entrance or registration in the form of a small deposit amount or free cards to start the game, this is much more attractive to you, as a client, than a strict procedure: replenish the deposit – and only after that, you will get the opportunity to play.
  • The size of the prize pool also matters. Unless, of course, you play just for fun, and do not have in mind the possibility of winning cash prizes, you will frankly not give a damn about the size of the jackpot. But in this case, you can even play free bingo versions – they are also collected a lot in the global network. But for those who aim to compensate for their money spent on a deposit, or to win a cash prize, the size of the prize fund will matter. In this regard, you should not immediately rush into the game with the declared jackpot of millions of pounds or dollars – most likely, winning in them will be difficult, or simply impossible, because an overpriced jackpot can be a sign of unscrupulous casinos. But too low prizes are also bad. Why spend your money if the prospect of winning does not cause a response in the heart.
  • Opportunities for withdrawing money: few players think about this aspect of the game. And definitely worth thinking about it. After all, if you win a large amount, but simply can not transfer it to your account, what is the point of such a win? Similarly, then you can play the free versions because there you rarely see big jackpots. Therefore, when choosing the best site, pay attention to the withdrawal conditions, fees, the possibility of transferring money won to various payment instruments.
  • Accurate and user-friendly game design – the key to your good mood. If you immediately understand how to play on the site, if the design of the game pleases your eye, this is wonderful. And pay attention to who is the creator of the games: the more experienced and famous the developer, the less likely that there will be errors in the bingo functionality, for example, winning combinations of balls will not occur. Want to know which of the modern developers enjoys a well-deserved arrangement? See here!

It’s not difficult to choose the sites where you will most enjoy playing bingo. And, following our recommendations, you can not only get to know better the online game world but also choose one or several sites for yourself where you can play and win, get your positive emotions and tickle your nerves during bingo games.

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