No 7 - the relaunch of a brand
A Boots case study

Page 1: Introduction

When a new product is launched, which is subtly different from existing brands and the new arrival is successful this often leads to hectic activity as competitors introduce rival versions. Marketing involves managing the effects of change and competition. An organisation cannot stand still in this environment of change. It needs to determine how these changes affect consumer wants and needs and...
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Page 2: The cosmetic market

The Cosmetic market in the western world is huge business. In 1995 the Total UK Skincare Market was valued at £459.6 million and the UK Colour Cosmetic Market accounted for £551.8 million. The market is divided into a number of sectors to accommodate important segments: Teenage/Budget Market. These products are aimed at fashion conscious young women and include brands such as 17...
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Page 3: Strategy

Re-launching a product extends the lifecycle of a brand. A relaunch strategy involves reviewing all the ingredients of the marketing mix in order to differentiate products from competition  and thereby provide a more appropriate market position. No 7 products were perceived as being good quality but drab and old fashioned, before the re-launch. The re-launched product range radically...
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Page 4: Packaging

Packaging generates one of the strongest messages to a consumer. Initially it says more about the brand than the product itself. It must attract attention and make consumers feel good about the product - by looking good when used or displayed on the dressing table. The 1991 grey packaging now lacked visual appeal by being dull and un-inspirational and had become outdated. To enable the brand to...
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Page 5: Advertising

The TV approach was a new departure for No 7 and also for cosmetics and the skincare market. It reflected a style which would be impactful and noticed. It was visually very rich. The central character was portrayed in a series of scenarios, all of which were directed and aspirational for the target market. She was shown as a confident, independent individual who enjoyed life to the full...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The counter is crucial in the projection of the No 7 brand image. Before relaunch the counter was perceived as drab, uninteresting, poorly sectioned and dated. The merchandising units were cheaply manufactured and did not promote the intended premium image.During 1993 a brief was written for the design of new counters, which resulted in the new No 7 counter becoming revolutionary. All premium...
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