Re shaping a well known brand


Consumers make many different buying decisions every day. It is important that large companies developing products for the consumer market-place understand the many factors which affect consumer-buying behaviour. A market-driven organisation needs to find out where consumers buy different products, how they buy, what they buy as well as why they buy. It is only by answering these questions about consumer behaviour and motivations that organisations can develop their own product’s features and obtain key advantages over their competitors. The youth market is probably the most difficult market for an organisation to compete in. Products for young people are often a form of self-expression – a fashion statement shaped by an infinite mix of influences which often change rapidly. Competing in such a market involves being close to customers, understanding their behaviour and the many different factors which influence it. In fast changing markets such as the youth market, it is important for an organisation to offer a  ‘product’ that includes many of the features, benefits and services with which young people can identify. A product strategy goes beyond simply developing a range of products. It also involves providing a distinctive identity for the products with which users can identify….

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