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Page 5: Implementing a quality system - external

BSI imageInternal systems are ones that are built inside an organization. However, in addition, modern businesses need to build external systems. External systems are those that involve people outside the organization - e.g. suppliers.

Today, many businesses have long supply chains in which they source materials, parts and finished goods from across the globe. Take, for example, a modern plasma screen television. Some of the components may come from India, others from China, or Eastern European countries. These separate components will then be assembled into a sub-assembly i.e. part of the finished television. This sub-assembly may take place in India, whilst a number of parts may then be transported and delivered to a final assembly plant in Wales.

This has led to a change in attitude. Instead of a company having a 'them' and 'us' attitude - where 'them' are the suppliers, it now makes sense to see the process as a shared one in which everyone relies on each other. This is known as interdependence.

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