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British Standards Institution (BSI)

Creating world class quality standards

Successful businesses meet customer requirements. Customers expect products and services to meet certain standards and a Standard is a document that gives guidance on...

Supporting business through standards

New goods and services come to market after a sequence of activities: researchdevelopmenttestingproduction and launch. This case study shows how BSI British Standards (BSI), the UK”s...

Quality through standards

BSI was the pioneer in creating standards. It is the UK's National Standards Body - the world's first. It also plays a prominent role...

Standardization and quality management

Imagine a world in which consumers cannot tell how reliable a product or service is and have no knowledge about the suitability of things...

Implementing quality systems

A quality material, product, process, service or system is one that meets the needs of customers. Today, customers, including consumers, know what they want...

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