Creating world class quality standards


Successful businesses meet customer requirements. Customers expect products and services to meet certain standards and a Standard is a document that gives guidance on achieving this. It acts as a set of rules or guidelines for everyone involved in producing goods, managing a process or delivering a service. BSI was the pioneer in creating quality and safety standards. It is the UK’s National Standards Body and was the world’s first. BSI also plays a prominent role in the development of global standards. It: leads in the creation of standardstests and certifies products and servicesis one of the organisations that assesses Quality Management Systems (QMS). Businesses gain an advantage over rivals by producing high quality goods and services that clearly meet standards. The standards are based on agreed best practice, for example, in handling environmental waste or meeting safety standards. Businesses across the globe seek to meet international standards. For example, an engineering company in the Far East might use international standards for its components and finished items. These show the world that its products meet this international standard and that it is willing to take part in global manufacture and trade. There are thousands of standards available for businesses to…

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