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How to effectively promote your tattoo studio

Are you starting a tattoo studio and are overwhelmed on how to handle the promotional side of the business? Don’t worry; this article provides an in-depth analysis of how to effectively promote your tattoo studio.

They include:

Build a Personal Brand

Your brand is your major selling point in the tattoo industry. Strive to create an impression of the best quality with some of the most reliable services in the industry. Given the competitive nature of the business, building your brands allows you to attract your most preferred clients. You also get to charge higher rates without fear of missing clients.

Actively Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is the source of the most massive audience to your tattoo studio. The millennials who are the highest consumers in the tattoo industry also make up the highest numbers of social media users. With the right content on different social media platforms, you can quickly build a following using your brand. Use top pictorial social media sites to showcase your work.

Other than your work, from time to time, consider including customer testimonials and tattoo tips for social media users.

Participate in Publicity Projects

Publicity is an effective way to get your brand to prospective customers. Consider offering free services to particular groups like cancer survivors. Also, sponsor different events within your community or join in various celebrations. 

Even though publicity is a little costly, it comes with a high return on investments.

Ensure satisfactory Customer Experience

No amount of publicity or putting out your name will help if you provide low-quality services. Most tattoos, being permanent, will prompt your clients to want a piece they would proudly show off and keep forever. Once you offer top quality services, you are assured of repeat callers. Employ reliable technology like Versum’s tattoo software to allow for 24hour booking services as well as automatic appointment notifications to your clients. This breeds reliability on your part. 

Satisfied clients are likely to recommend your business to others.

Cooperate with Other Industry Players

Collaboration is better than competition when it comes to the tattoo industry. Look out for different tattoo conferences to interact with other key industry players for learning. You get to understand the new trends and other tattoo business ideas for your business growth.


While publicity and the other promotional factors help in prompting your tattoo business, advertisement is a great outreach option. The first advertisement option is the traditional media targeted for specific people. The other option is to take advantage of the millions of clients available online. Create a sales plan that involves the active use of SEO and other online avenues.

Create a Professional Website

Every serious business has a website where they display important details like About us, mission, vision, and contact. Investing in a professional website showcases you as a trendy and established tattoo artist. Consider creating a blog section for the website when you create content for your clients.


Your business promotional strategy determines how successful your tattoo business will turn out. Using these facts effectively promotes your business for new clients and loyalty. Whatever you do, remember to provide top quality services to all the clients.

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