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Campervan Vs. Motorhome: Ultimate Guide

Campervan Vs. Motorhome
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Campers and motorhomes are great vehicles to travel by, but they have some differences. If you want a great way to see the world and want to rent one of these vehicles, read on.

What is a Motorhome?

A motorhome is a vehicle that’s built on a truck chassis. It has a sleeping kitchen and bathroom areas that the vehicle’s occupants can use. These vehicles are usually bigger than campervans but smaller than RVs (recreational vehicles). They have all the amenities you would need for an extended trip in one place toilet, shower, and cooking facilities.

Motorhomes for sale are usually more expensive than campervans because they have more space inside them. This makes them better suited for longer road trips if you are planning on staying in one place for longer periods during your trip.


  • Easy to drive
  • Large interior space
  • More comfortable
  • Better fuel economy


  • They cost more than campervans
  • They are not as easy to drive as campervans

What is a Campervan?

A campervan is a vehicle that has been converted into a mobile home. It’s similar to a motorhome but smaller, cheaper, and more fuel efficient than its big brother. Campervans usually sleep two people (or less) and come with everything you need to live in them for extended periods sleeping bags/sheets/pillows, cooking utensils, pots & pans, and even electrical outlets so you can charge your phone without hooking up an inverter.

Campervans are typically smaller than motorhomes because they don’t have space for extra beds or bathrooms like bigger models. The size difference isn’t necessarily noticeable, though. It’s just something worth noting if you are trying to decide between one or another type of RV.


  • Cheaper than an RV or motorhome
  • Can park in regular parking spots
  • Good for road trips, not just camping trips
  • Easy to drive


  • It’s not an RV
  • You can’t walk around
  • No shower or toilet (or at least, not easily accessible)
  • You can’t cook in it (unless you bring a stove)
Campervan Vs. Motorhome
Photo by Fabian on Unsplash

When to Choose a Campervan Over a Motorhome

A campervan from https://www.campstar.com/  is your best bet if you plan to travel in the summer. Campervans are built with air conditioning and heaters, meaning they can be used year-round.

Campervans also have better off-road capabilities than motorhomes do. If you plan on going off-road or travelling over rough terrain, this will be an important factor when deciding between a campervan vs. a motorhome.

Finally, if cost is an issue for you, choosing a campervan over a motorhome will save money because they tend to be cheaper than their larger counterparts.

The Bottomline

So, which is the better option? In short, it depends on your needs. If you are looking for a way to travel with your family and friends in comfort and style, then a motorhome is probably the way to go. On the other hand, if you want something smaller that can fit into tight parking spaces or driveways without any problems, consider getting yourself a campervan instead.

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