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Not just designed for drivers excellent uses for modern GPS

Modern GPS (global positioning system) devices made it more convenient to drive to new places. Afterward, people no longer needed to worry about getting lost or taking their eyes off the wheel. A GPS, however, does a lot more than direct non-commercial drivers to their next destination. Here are more uses you didn’t know about for businesses, personal use, etc

Improve Supply Logistics

Those who need supplies shipped locally and beyond consider associated time and money. The most efficient route ensures goods are delivered fast and less gas is used. Since the fastest route could change in real time, it’s beneficial to have a GPS.

Increase Delivery Satisfaction

Today’s consumers want things fast. In a competitive market, success is contingent on quick and efficient delivery. Consider two pizza parlors of equal price and food offered. A sure delivery system is preferred by hungry customers with options and good memories. In short, when all other things are close to equal, the fastest delivery wins.

Employ Route Analysis

Are you really taking the best route to work? Do you drive a bit too fast on the highway, burning more gas yet not faring much better on time? A GPS can tell you things like your average speed and how long an engine is running idle during a route. Having more data helps analyze routes and habits.

Enjoy Lowered Insurance

Some GPS tracking systems help save on insurance rates. Vehicles equipped with systems provided by insurance companies give a lot of data and allow agents to track driver behavior to better project and adjust rates. Those helping insurance companies are provided with a deal or lowered rates.

Track Workers

We’ve seen telephone numbers on the back of delivery trucks, a way for bosses to ensure drivers are safe and doing a good job. A manager or boss, however, can peer into the driving habits of drivers by fixing company vehicles with GPS. Real-time data is also more reliable than complaints relayed by other drivers on the road.

Optimize Fleet Management

Fleet management systems can be costly but a GPS may cost much less. It’s a way for a manager to track multiple vehicles and make the most of given resources. Otherwise, a manager may believe an added vehicle is needed, which is a major upfront cost and a blow to a business with a small working budget.

Lessen Maintenance

When is your company vehicle ready for maintenance? Usually, people wait until something is wrong with a vehicle to bring it to a mechanic. It’s much more economical to pay for ongoing light maintenance so you never pay for major neglect. Read about what GPS Tracking can do for your business.

Reduce Anxiety

Some personalities don’t go out of the home often because they’re unfamiliar with a new place or intimidated by the city. A city dweller can use GPS to navigate the streets, which saves money versus needing to take a cab or bus. In suburban or rural settings, a GPS can give an elder added assurance so they can drive and maintain their independence.

Start Geocaching

Singles, couples, and families enjoy geocaching, part hobby, and part sport. Go to online forums and learn about the pastime. Engage in the sport with others who have experience or do your own research to understand how to use your GPS device to find buried ‘treasure’ found by previous hunters.

Make Money Driving

Consider making a part time income by driving for Uber. A GPS allows you to track data so you can figure whether using your vehicle for an income is working in your favor. There’s money to be made but is it at the cost of using your car? A GPS helps determine.

Catch that Cat

Where do cats go during the day? Experts predict that cats don’t venture too far from their homes but divide the neighborhood into territories, not to intrude on the ‘turf’ of other cats. If you have an especially mischievous cat that gets lost often, start tracking them so they don’t wind up at the pound or in too much trouble.

Plan a Day Trip

“What do you want to do?” is asked by parents, mates, friends, etc. Don’t get bored or stuck thinking about what to do again. Use a GPS to find points of interest in your area and beyond. Do you have a few hours to spare? Where can you go and back in that time? Your GPS will provide a number of options.

Gracie Howarth is a tech nerd who loves to read and write about the latest innovations. You can find her posts on a number of business and tech websites.

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