Responding to a changing marketing environment
A Castrol case study

Page 1: Introduction

Lubricating oil is the vital component of every internal combustion engine. From a small passenger vehicle to a Formula 1 racing car, from a heavy-duty truck to a cargo ship, from a lawn mower to a Supercar designed to go faster than any other on the planet, there is a Castrol lubricant designed specifically for the job. In fact, Castrol's products play a major part in our everyday lives...
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Page 2: Building on Castrol's heritage

On the 19th March 1899, Charles 'Cheers' Wakefield set up an oil company in England. Ten years later, he produced a new lubricant that would revolutionise transport in the first half of the twentieth century. He called the new oil Castrol. To this day this name is synonymous with premium quality, high performance and leading edge technology in lubrication. (see positioning map below). The...
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Page 3: The changing marketing environment

All businesses operate within an environment of change. One of the most important aspects of change is change in the market place as customers become more demanding. Marketing is the process which involves identifying existing customer needs and requirements and with anticipating future changes. It is therefore a dynamic discipline. The marketing environment for most, if not all, products...
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Page 4: Market segmentation

Castrol operates in a tough competitive world in which winning businesses are those which best understand the needs of the market. Castrol knows that the route to success lies in providing the best products for different segments of the market. One way that the market is segmented is by product category - motor cars, motor cycles, trucks, leisure boats, and aircraft. Another way is to segment...
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Page 5: A constantly evolving product portfolio

The challenge facing Castrol today is to provide the right products in the right markets. Castrol is therefore continually adjusting its product portfolioin line with new technological developments. This is best illustrated by means of a number of examples. Increased emphasis on synthetic oils Everyone knows that oils have a mineral base and that crude oil is extracted from the ground or from...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Castrol has long been known and appreciated for technically advanced automotive lubricants. Their huge involvement in the motor industry reaches right across the spectrum from testing products in the harsh arena of motor racing to providing the vital lubricants that consumers all buy for their cars. The key to this is that they have a real understanding of the driver's relationship and...
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