Establishing a diversity initiative
A Cummins case study

Page 1: Introduction

In a rapidly changing business environment decision-takers in large organisations are recognising that, in order for their company to succeed, they need to develop a human resources strategy that is an integral part of their corporate strategy. For example, the company wants the best and most talented people within the busine Fss, those with the capability to engage in business with different...
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Page 2: Cummins

Cummins is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance, low emission diesel engines and power generation sets. The company also includes component technology leaders such as Hoslet turbochargers, Newage alternators, Fleetguard filtration systems and Nelson exhaust products. Operating in business-to-business markets, Cummins reported worldwide sales of $6.6 billion and...
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Page 3: The changing world of work

In the past, large engineering businesses were perceived as being predominantly white, male-dominated organisations. In recent years this notion has disappeared as the labour market has changed. The nature of traditional relationships between employers and employees has moved forward. As a result there hasbeen a trend towards female employment, with increasing pressure for more women and others...
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Page 4: Implementing the diversity initiative

In a team-based environment, the effectiveness of a team depends upon the mix of the abilities of its members. Research shows that successful teams require a range of appropriate skills and qualities, and that these are further enhanced when members of the team include both genders and represent widespread cultures and values. To recruit the best people and develop the company competitively, it...
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Page 5: Joe Mukwala

Joe Mukwala is the Cummins Regional Manager for Southern Africa. He believes that a key part of the Diversity programme is its emphasis upon education and training. In fact, without this Joe feels that the process of diversity would simply be tokenism. For example, members of the disadvantaged communities, particularly in Southern Africa, who are not given access to education and training would...
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Page 6: Julie Douglass

Holset, located in Huddersfield, is a Cummins company specialising in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art turbochargers for diesel engines. Its graduate training scheme recently welcomed Julie Douglass. She is a mother of 5 who graduated with a first class honours degree in engineering and also received a Best Project prize from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. During her first...
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Page 7: Creating Better Solutions

The Diversity Initiative has ensured that, in seeking a wider and more talented selection of recruits, Cummins has focused broadly upon demographic groups. Recruitment has taken place using non-traditional sources such as a range of external agencies as well as the Internet. The process has helped to break down the stereotypical view of Cummins as a 'traditional' manufacturing...
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Page 8: Evaluating The Diversity Initiative

A key element in implementing the Diversity Initiative has been the year-by-year Diversity Plan. A plan is an important element within any initiative as it provides a guide as to what should be happening and how the initiative should be implemented. For example, the 2000 Diversity Plan set specific objectives across a range of key areas such as: Visible Diversity give representation on...
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