Using effective recruitment to retain competitive advantage
A Cummins case study

Page 0: Introduction

Most organisations face constant change in their competitive business environment and need to find ways of maintaining a competitive advantage over rivals. One way of doing this is to build up the organisation's core competences. These competences comprise the organisation's business strengths. They are the resources that managers use to counter threats from competitors and to help them to take...
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Page 1: Cummins - leader in the market for power

Operating in B2B markets, Cummins is a leading world-wide designer and manufacturer of high performance diesel engines, electrical power generation systems and related products. The company operates in countries across the globe with annual turnover of around $8.4 billion. Cummins has been established in the UK for 50 years. Its 6 manufacturing plants located countrywide employ 5,000 people...
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Page 2: Roles and functions

Ever-rising customer expectations allied to global competition put great pressure on firms to employ not only 'the right kind of people' but also the very best from that pool of talent. Cummins is particularly conscious of the high expectations of its customers, which include ERF, DAF and Bombardier. These firms in turn face a highly demanding customers and so look to deal only with suppliers on...
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Page 3: The importance of recruitment and selection

Recruiting staff is a very costly exercise. It is also an essential part of any business and it pays to do it properly. When organisations choose the right people for the job, train them well and treat them appropriately, these people not only produce good results but also tend to stay with the organisation longer. In such circumstances, the organisation's initial and ongoing investment in them is...
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Page 4: The interview process

Applicants recruited straight from school, college or university may have little or no job experience to draw upon. For these candidates, interviewers will focus on their personal or academic life and will look to identify the qualities known to support development of the looked-for competencies. As candidates are interviewed, they are awarded scores against all the critical competencies in the...
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Page 5: Conclusion

In order to maintain business performance and competitive advantage, organisations competing in a global marketplace must recruit the best people they can. For such organisations, recruitment becomes a key component of their overall business strategy. Cummins provides an excellent example of a company that uses its recruitment procedures to ensure that it meets its business needs in challenging...
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