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Do tall men need elevator shoes?

Do tall men need elevator shoes?
Photo by Rosie Sun on Unsplash

We have been told that elevator shoes for men are very effective in helping height deficient men appear taller, and this is true, but then even tall men seem to be purchasing these elevator shoes, and everyone wonders why.

After all, they were made specially and specifically for short men, or so we think. Why then would a man who is already tall want to wear elevator shoes?

If you are asking this question, it only means that you are one of those the view that shoes with heels are only meant to add height to a man’s stature, but this is a very wrong assumption. You will get to discover the reason for this as we go along in this article.

Short men are not the only ones that need elevator shoes; tall men also need to wear them. The reason for this is because elevator shoes are more than just height increasing shoes. Short men stand to gain more than the increase in height when they wear elevator shoes, and tall men want a piece of this as well.

Many short men are insecure about their height and tend to envy their tall counterparts; if only they realize that the tall ones too have their insecurities, while for the short men its height, for the tall men, it’s something else. This is why, despite being tall, they still go for elevator shoes to make them feel better about themselves.

It has even been said that tall men seem to value elevator shoes even more than the short ones; this could be because short men only look at elevator shoes as a way of increasing their height while tall men see beyond that.

The following are the things tall men stand to gain when they wear elevator shoes:

  • You attract more lady friends: It’s a well-known secret that women love tall men, the taller you are, the more attractive you look to the opposite sex. Despite being tall, it shouldn’t stop you from wearing elevator shoes as it makes you look more appealing to the opposite sex.
  • It enables you to walk in a masculine manner: No matter how tall you currently are, your step automatically changes when you wear an elevator shoe. Just as clothes are not meant to cover your body, shoes are meant more than to cover your feet, when worn, elevator shoes can add to your confidence and your masculinity; it can also reduce it if not worn right. You may not hear it often from the ladies, but they love men that walk well as it makes them appear more stylish and confident.
  • It gives you a better posture: Women aren’t the only ones interested in fashion and style, men are too. Notice how a woman walks, stirs, and stands when she is on heels; the same is true for men. They can stand erect, walks, and sit properly, all of which makes them appear like a gentleman.

In view of all these, elevator shoes aren’t meant for only short people but can also be worn comfortably by tall men.

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