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How to get away with wearing the same dress to every party

wearing the same dress to every party
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You may be the outgoing type who wants to make an impression on every holiday party you attend.

Showing up in different flashy outfits is one way to do it. But did you know you can pull it off without spending so much on different outfits?

Yeah. If you’ve got a variety of shoes and accessories, you’re good to go. Sounds unbelievable? It shouldn’t be. Regardless of your wardrobe, it’s possible to turn heads in a single gown.

Here’s our guide on how to get away with wearing the same dress to every party

For a Family Gathering

Chances are your whole family, including grandma and grandpa will be there. If you’d like to dress in something that you will be okay with without putting your personal preference on the line, put on a printed button-up.

Polka dots or stripes, under your dress for a look that doesn’t come across as extremely conservative will do.

For a Girlfriend Gift Swap

Hanging out with your girlfriend calls for a casual and comfortable outfit. A chunky, cropped sweater is a must-have.

You could fold the fabric of your favourite knit sweater until it reaches your waistline to change the look of your dress and outfit completely. 

Accompany the look with a matching pair of heels or casual footwear, and a relaxed and chilled outdo.

For an Office Party

This look is effortless to achieve. Focus your look on an outfit you would wear to work daily then pair it with statement pieces.

If you’re going for a black dress, keep in mind that it matches well with just about any pattern or color. So don’t be plain with your heels.

For a New Year’s Eve Party

It’s going to be one cold party, so wrap your gown up in a big cozy sweater and turtleneck. If it’s going to be snowy, slip your shoes into comfortable hiking boots.

You may also want to put on some jeans under your dress if the piece is midi or mini-length. Layering a dress over jeans is a trend that might get quite disastrous especially if you’re not used to it. Check out these pointers that you can take home:

  • Mid-heel boots and straight-leg jeans work wonders for a tent-like dress
  • Looking to make a fancy-looking dress appear ordinary? Denim that is slightly above the ankles will do the trick
  • For a bustier dress, layer it over a T-shirt and pair it up with boot-cut jeans
  • Hi-low-hem dresses get an ideal match with ripped jeans
  • If you’ve got a twee dress on, add some interest and oomph to it with sparkly flats and jeans

Dresses can give you a princess look in all events. The key is going for the right one. With all the dresses in the market today, it can be hard work finding the right dress.

JJ’s House simplifies it all for you by providing you with an array of gorgeous dresses, including plus size formal dresses, at a friendly price. What could be better than that?

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