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Don’t let predictions define you

From the moment we begin high school, we are instantly appointed both targets and predicted grades, the best way to ensure success is to work with a tutor from Batley. Often, it is the case that these are too high for an individual or too low. For students, the consequences can range from intense pressure to lowered self esteem. As a result, the common outcomes are reduced performance in exams and threatening mental health conditions. Some pupils feel like failures when they don’t reach what is expected from them. Others develop a fatalistic attitude of ‘there’s no point trying if I’m predicted to fail anyway’. Today I will discuss both cases and how one can go about maintaining a healthy state, when faced with these circumstances.

What do I do if my target grades are too high? 

Interestingly, there are too sides to view this from. Straight away, if you find you ask yourself that question, there is a problem. The words ‘too high’ set an almost unachievable and hopeless mindset. Alongside this, they promote self doubt. You’ll find yourself not even aiming higher because you feel you can’t attain greater than what you have previously performed. This will limit your chances at acing your exams. Avoid thinking negatively and continuously remind yourself that no grade is ever ‘too high’, if you believe you can achieve it.

Now let’s talk about the second approach.  Particularly in grammar schools, predictions are purposely set at a greater standard so that aspirations are higher. Not only do the ‘smarty pants’ get straight A targets, but so do the pupils achieving B grades. That’s not to say these schools want to humiliate lower performing pupils, but rather it is to allow them to realise they have so much potential. Pupils themselves feel that with their hardest work and effort, they CAN achieve what their teachers predict for them. They find it within themselves to continuously practice, study, ask questions and learn in order to progress and fulfil what is set upon them. Within time, they consistently perform better and with a clear focus, they get the grades they are predicted.

So how about if my target grades are too low? 

It’s vital that you always remember that predicted grades do not define YOU! Your intellect, your potential and your capability can be far greater than a simple grade on a sheet of paper. For pupils who are underestimated from the very start of the year, you must see this as an opportunity to reach further. Set your own targets! Many times in the past, individuals have been appointed the lowest of grades and have surprised themselves, their parents and their teachers with their performance. This is all down to hard work coming from them and them only. The best tip if this is your case is to remember: only you can do your revision. Where teachers, friends and tutors can help you to understand, the effort must come from within. Make your own concise notes, review your understanding and allow yourself to realise that your grades do not determine your final scores. Self belief and hard work will earn you success!

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