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How to Make Your Kids to Love Math? And Enjoy Learning that?

Children are afraid of many things: monsters, shooters, Santa Claus, fire alarms, beards. But one of the biggest fears they are likely to develop in adulthood is the fear of arrhythmias. That is the fear of math. You may still worry about the equations, but your kid doesn’t….

That’s because toddlers naturally do math in their little briefcase. “One of the most surprising things you notice when working with a 2 or 3 year old is that you soon realize how much interest they are in math. Azadeh Jamalian, Ph.D., co-founder and Director of Learning at learning software company Tiggly, said this was not an unfamiliar topic to them.

Even if they can’t say it clearly, they do basic addition and division when playing with blocks or toys in different units. Children see math as a natural form of play, full of humor and fun.

First, Incorporate math into everyday activities

Cooking is like “math,” Berry says, because following recipes requires thinking about ratios and using fractions. Talking about sports scores, timing and prices are other easy ways to help your child “make a concrete connection with math.”

Second, Try manipulatives

Inexpensive color tiles, color cubes, base 10 blocks, and other small, mobile tools help younger kids understand mathematical concepts. “All of these can be used to represent algebraic reasoning and multiplication,” Berry points out.

Then, try gamification of learning

For younger children, “board games such as Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land and dice games help younger children” (recognize numbers without counting) and separate numbers (indicate How larger numbers are made up of smaller numbers), Berry said. These skills develop “in child-friendly ways. And we hope this leads to a digital sensation”.

If you are looking for really cool educational math games for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 year old boys? Skidos Math Games for kids – Bike Racing is a complete package! Get fun math & coding puzzles along with an adventurous ride for your kid.

The game is especially designed for kids in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade to learn addition , subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions & more. Children can move between advanced and basic math facts skills with a quick tap. This cool math game is available on android & iOS platform.

The journey will take your kids through stunningly beautiful environments; they can select from hundreds of bike customization features and many upgrades.

Math Game for Kids: Bike Racing for Boys & Girls features a number of cool math & coding puzzles that help your child improve their skills while playing the game,

Exciting Racing tracks for FREE! Get it now. Your kids can access the game on the mobile or tablet

Why Subscribe to Bike Racing Games?

  1. Get access to more 40+ Skidos fun learning games
  2. The complete mathematics & coding fundamentals from basic to advanced level
  3. Practice Math with adventurous levels, sharp-cut spikes, breaking glass, exploding bombs and stormy wind zones.
  4. Track how your child is improving her math accuracy
  5. Identify the strong & weak areas of your child so that you can give them a hand
  6. See your child’s progress in math and the impact on their grades in school

Educational Features

The learning content is carefully crafted by educational experts!

  1. Addition: Add by numbers, objects. Addition with decimals, brackets. Find missing numbers, true or false, mix of addition & subtraction.
  2. Subtraction: Subtract by numbers, objects, shapes, Subtract with decimals, brackets, negative numbers, 3 digit numbers with & without borrowing, Subtraction and division. Subtraction up to 1,000,000
  3. Multiplication: Multiplication facts with 10,100. Multiply by 0 & 1, multiply using pictures, multiply by multiples of 10 & more
  4. Division: Relate division & multiplication, 2 digit by 1 digit with & without remainders and more
  5. Fraction: Identify fractions, equivalent fractions, compare fractions add fractions, mixed numbers and more,
  6. Counting: Count forward, backward, count in different arrangements, objects, shapes and more
  7. Number Sense: Identify Numbers, Compare numbers, Concept of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, even, odd, whole number, rounding up, decimal.
  8. Geometry basics: Identify 2D, 3D shapes, graphs, area, perimeter, symmetry, pattern & more
  9. Mixed Operations: Probability & Statistics with fractions, percent, graph, time with seconds, minutes, hours and more
  10. Coding: Path finding, programming for kids and many more.

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