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FREE Project Management Software: 7 Tips to advance your recruitment process

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Hiring is a crucial process for any company, be it small or large. It costs money and time to pick the right fit for your organization.

On that condition, making a poor hiring decision can hamper your company’s growth in all means. It is immense pressure on your HR team. 

A fresh perspective, like the introduction of project management software available in your hiring process, saves your energy.

So, we are backing you up with our advanced tips to smoothen your recruitment process before you decide incorrectly. 

Broaden and reassess your job requirements

Some job requirements are so specific that it demands factors like expecting four years of experience for an entry-level posting. Sounds silly, right? Eventually, this leads the candidates to avoid applying to it. 

Then what should a job posting look like?

It should answer the question of how good the company and career will be for the candidates. As per the current scenario, modern employees are looking for their benefit, enhancing their exposure, and contributing to the organization. 

Adopt a new approach

Focusing solely on career websites won’t help you screen the talent pool as the right-fit job seekers always look out on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Job postings using the hashtags screens and picks qualified job seekers. 

You can also adopt strategies like using your current employees to hunt for talent in networking events. These employees better know your goals, objectives, and work dynamics better. Besides, they think twice before referring to any employee.

Rationalize the background checks

Screening can be time-consuming and pricey. So, reverse the order of selection first, followed by screening to gather the final candidates.

It emphasizes prioritizing the essential skills to decide faster. 

Also, tailor the screening process through appropriate parameters like their communication skills.

Recruit for attitude and train for skills

Many hiring teams commonly ignore this. Rather than looking for technical skills, you can look for soft skills like flexible working hours and teamwork. 

It helps you build dynamic teams. Additionally, the candidates with a good attitude record in the assessment test eventually commit to their work for a long time. 

 The trend keeps evolving in hindsight, so a tool you are using now will be dated in later stages. On the other hand, if they are mediocre in technical skills, you can train them accordingly.

Use a project management software

You can implement tools like free project management software available in the market that is helpful for screening.

For example, free project management software with AI-based screening can reduce your time on screening.

Instead of developing a new tool from scratch just for the hiring process, you can use free project management software like airSlate, which can help you automate the recruitment process. 

Analyze the feedback

Reviewing your hiring experience with the candidates you didn’t recruit will give you honest insights into employee branding. These perceptions are better than of your “just hired” candidates.

Load these opinions in a free project management software to use later. So, utilize this feedback to improve your hiring process in the future.  

Hone your onboarding process

A hiring process doesn’t end after recruiting the employees. Your employee brand gets stabilized with the assistance you offer to the hires to adapt to the working environment. 

It is called onboarding. Establishing a robust onboarding process will build a professional and amicable relationship with your new hires. 

As a result, they will perform better in the assigned tasks.


Hiring is a challenging process, yet if you streamline the process with a few unique approaches and tools, it will leverage the entire procedure.

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