Everyone wants to express their love in a unique way. Flowers own a language. Like Red Rose is the best way to transmit the intensity of your emotions without saying “I Love You”. So are the other colors in flowers that tell the tales of different sensations. You will Lit up the smiles on the faces of your cherished person when you will present them “Galaxy Rose” owing all the colors of love, care, compassion and respect and NO THORN.

What is Galaxy Rose?

It is a unique rose like a delicate prismatic crystal in its kind whose colors never fade and petals never wither. It is crafted with exceptional technique using the material that is health and environment friendly.  It is handmade and durable gift, suitable for many events of happiness because love is a part of its creation.  That is why it is the Rose of Eternity.

What do they look like?

Galaxy Rose looks like the real rose but thousand times more beautiful. It reflects all the scintillating colors of the rainbow just like a prism, under broad sunshine. It feels like you are holding a dream that mirrors the colors of eternal love that ends beyond the galaxies. 

Galaxy Rose Forever are crafted with such precision that gives all the credit to human hands that forged them and give them exquisite beauty.

Galaxy Enchanted Rose is a Beauty and the Beast inspired prismatic rose that comes in a real glass mound that reflects colours as original as they are. A white LED light is winded around the rose that casts a mesmerizing effect on the viewers. It comes in two styles; one is Galaxy and the other one in traditional red colour with a green stem. The choice is yours.  

24K Gold Dipped Rose is coated in 24K Gold Foil after the dexterous craftsmanship, that gives it a royal look of luxury that will last forever. They are produced in an array of colours that give you a choice of selection. These 24K Gold Dipped Roses are so elegantly crafted that entice your synthetic sense.

Are They Real Roses?

 Yes, real Roses from the farms of Ecuador are used.  After a special procedure they turned out to be eternal.

Does Galaxy Rose get expired?

 This flower is called roses of eternity. Itis compared with real love because of its perpetuity. As true love never dies so the Galaxy Rose lasts forever without losing its beauty and grace. These flowers are fabricated using those materials that keep them from shedding.

What are they made of?

The iridescent galaxy rose is crafted in a unique manner. These are originally grown flowers that are taken from different farms in Ecuador. After collection, they are freezed using a special technique under a required temperature that would not harm it. These frozen flowers are used to be mold that work as a dummy to recreate more and more thousand flowers.

Next step after molding is giving it a prismatic look. For this purpose, each flower is covered in iridescent coating using a holographic polyethylene. Petals are hand placed after holographic polyethylene and the stem is made of polyethylene. This process turns this simple rose into a glorified kaleidoscopic rose, leaving you hypnotized with unremarkable beauty. These flowers are beautifully packed in boxes to prevent any kind of damage.

All the material used in its preservation is




Galaxy Rose: a sheer choice for your Darling

Do not hesitate to pick it as a gift for your darling because each flower is created with extreme adroitness focusing on the interest you might be keeping while buying a gift as a token of love for your darling. It is a prime choice for Wedding Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Mother’s Day, and Friendship.

Its enchanting colors will leave you spellbound. These Galaxy Roses come with love stands and are captivated in the dome as well. They are feasible to be placed in bed rooms or drawing rooms to enhance the decoration.  Galaxy Rose is the sheer choice to capture the attention of your loved ones. Every time, they will look at these flowers, they will be captivated in the magical glimmer of this flower that will remind them of your love.

Care Tips

The beautiful delicacy of the flowers cannot be left unattended. There are few things that need to be consider for their protection

●       Do not place under direct sun

●       Do not eat them

●     Temperature should be around 64° to 72° F

●       Do not remove the box, as it is for safety purposes.

Beware of scammers

These flowers are available Online. You can buy from trusted sellers. Make sure that you would not be scammed. There are some customer reviews that had to face the issue. They got what they weren’t expecting. It is important that you should place the order after getting complete information about the authenticity of the seller. Lest your desire would turn into a bad memory.

Treat your love and yourself with the delicacy of a Rose and luminosity of a Galaxy.