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Tips to help you create a nice photo booth

Are you going to organize a party and want to give your guests something they can play with? Then you can set up a photo booth and if are looking to hire a photo booth, then it is advised to search for a reputable company online who has decent reviews. I am talking about a professional booth but do you have the budget. Some of the parties do not have much budget but when you can add it in your marriage. Setting a photo booth is not an easy thing, you need to make it brighter with a fancy backdrop. Moreover, you need a good camera to take pictures. You can get help from a professional to help you with it. You can do many kinds of things like you can make a magic mirror photo booth or go for a simple one.

Using your camera or renting the equipment can be expensive. After all, you do not want to give your camera to a drunk guest. Nowadays, things are very easier as everyone has a good camera phone in their pocket. It means that you do not need camera equipment to make a photo booth and you could even offer your photobooth for rental at weddings to earn some extra cash on the side. In this article, we will help set up a foolproof photo booth.

Make A Backdrop

The backdrop is the most important thing so let’s start with that. You do not need to create a fancy one that can make things complicated. A simple colored wall will be perfect to get started and if you want you can draw a pattern. Choose a landscape that you want like dolphins, cats, etc. Moreover, you can find a pre-designed backdrop from the market. If you are buying then choose one that can fit your budget. You can easily find it around 10$ from amazon or party stores. But if you want to design a creative one, you can search online for the tutorials.

Proper Light Is Very Important

Flash on a smartphone is not very perfect for capturing dim light photos. That is why; you need to set proper lighting in the booth. Well, if you can use the natural lighting but if it is indoors then you must have proper lighting. There are many cheap lamps that you can buy to provide light in the booth. The color temperature should be between 5000K to 6500K to mimic daylight. The temperature is mostly mentioned on the box of the bulb. If you want some professional experience then you can go for studio lights.

Use Some Props

With proper lighting and a beautiful backdrop, use some costumes, pool floats, toys to make it more interesting and fun. Also, you can get some animal masks or jewelry and sunglasses. Add anything that looks unique and weird to make it better.

A Photo Printer

Also, have a photo printer with your photo booth that enables the smartphone users to print their photos on the spot. For this, you need to buy instant film cartridges depending on the number of guests. That is why; renting a professional photo booth is a cheap option. Moreover, it makes the process easier and your guests will not face any problem.

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