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Know why fewer people are getting in relationships today

Why People No Longer Take a Relationship Seriously

People are not in a relationship because they have made the decision not to be. It merely means that they are not willing to be in a committed relationship with local single women and the likes, at that point of their lives. Others might not be in a relationship for different reasons¸ finances, career and all.

This piece reveals some common reasons why the number of people entering a relationship, is at a reduced rate.

You Have a Strict Career Routine

This could be one of the reasons why you are not in a relationship yet. For most people, they are chasing their career dreams and hence, it has made them stick to a very strict routine, which does not give them the luxury of managing a relationship.

If they even try to get into one, it becomes hard to keep up, because the other party would complain of less attention.

Hence, to save themselves of stress, it is best for them to focus wholly on their career, get involved in a couple of flings, and possibly plan for a relationship in the distant future.

You Have a Low Self-Esteem

There are some people who badly want to be in a relationship, but they do not think anyone would find them valuable. As humans, there is this negative side of us, which tells us what we do not want to hear. One of the after-effects of this is a lack of confidence, and this makes single people turn off their signals.

When people who have low self-esteem receive a dating invite from other members of the site, there are lots of questions which run through their heads. Often, they see such invites from military dating sites and the likes, it looks like a prank, and they make themselves not prepared to give the other individual a chance if a relationship topic pops up.

People who have low self-esteem are quick to detect faults within their character, and this sends away prospective relationship candidates.

You Have a High Self-Esteem

There are also some individuals who see themselves as the “alpha”, they regard themselves highly, and they do not think anyone is worth it to be with them. No one usually wants to admit to this, but there are lots of people who have this trait without realizing it.

People who have high self-esteem see themselves as perfect, and they look for certain behaviours in other people that they do not find. With these characteristics, they have also chased away prospective relationship candidates, because they are no match for their required standard.

You Are Very Independent

For a relationship to exist, it involves two people. At one point in the relationship, you might need to depend on your partner for certain needs. However, there are some people who do not like the idea of being dependent; they would prefer to sort out the issue themselves.

This type of behaviour does not make a relationship last, because it wearies the other party out.

For the relationship to work out, you need to sacrifice your level of independence, and it involves your diet, schedule, and the likes. There needs to be a level of flexibility for you to co-exist with your partner successfully.

You Have Not Moved on from Your Ex

One of the major reasons why fewer people have not gotten into a relationship is because they are still holding on to their past. In this sense, it implies that they have not gotten over their ex.

You must have shared a special bond with your ex, which you feel you might not get elsewhere. Hence, a good number of people would rather keep to themselves than get heartbroken all over again.

If an individual is still in the habit of checking up on his or her ex, taking note of their recent accomplishments, routines, and the likes, then such person is not in the right state for a relationship.


For some people, a serious relationship is the last thing on their mind, and getting into one means they are getting invested, emotionally and amongst others. Hence, they would rather remain single and flirt than be committed in a relationship.

Relationships come with certain benefits if both parties are willing to make it work, and single people are not recipients of these benefits.

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