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8 Unique Gifts For Your Friend Who Turns 30

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Turning 30 is a big occasion, and as a friend, you don’t want to let someone down by buying something they won’t enjoy.

This can add a lot of pressure in the lead-up to their birthday celebrations, but with so many unique gifts on the market, it needn’t have that effect on you. 

For this reason, we have created a list of several different items that your friend is sure to love on their 30th birthday, to cover a whole range of budgets and personalities. 

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs

By the time we’re 30, many of us have so many responsibilities that taking some time out for ourselves can seem almost impossible.

If this sounds like your friend, providing a reminder in a gift with these luxurious, moisturizing bath bombs could be the perfect way for them to engage in self-care.

Also mentioned in this gift guide recommended by GiftWits, this gift is perfect for those with little time as each bath bomb is individually wrapped to preserve freshness for a long time.

Created in the US by a small company, this also cuts down on shipping times, allowing your friend to keep them for even longer before they expire. 

Gift Basket

You can never go wrong choosing the aptest gift hamper for your friend whose 30th birthday is just around the corner. Jet Gift Baskets has a jaw-dropping selection of gift baskets you can choose from that will suit your friend’s interests, hobbies, personalities, or simply their personal taste. 

There’s the healthy gift basket of cheese, biscuits and fresh and dried fruits for your gym rat or athletic best buddy or the beer tower basket of craft beer, pretzels, and sausage for your friends’ weekend barbecue bash or the gift basket of wine wrapped with luscious chocolates and delicious crisps perfect for your friend’s intimate fine dining birthday night with her partner or a spa gift basket of soothing scents and moisturizing blends for a relaxing “me” time your friend will be happy to indulge in for his or her birthday! Don’t forget to also buy your friend a 30th Birthday card to show your true friendship. 

Twinkle In Time 

If you’ve known your friend for a considerable amount of time, there’s no better way to mark a milestone birthday than gifting them something sentimental.

With Twinkle In Time’s personalized star maps, you can do just that by purchasing a map of how the stars were aligned on a specific day and time which means a lot to you both. 

This special occasion could be anything, from the first time that you met them to the time you moved in together for college. It could even be something more sentimental to them, like when they got married, had their first child or received the job acceptance email that started their career. 

Time Capsule

If your friend is comfortable in a house they plan to live in for at least the next thirty years, investing in a time capsule could be a fun way to spend an afternoon. 

You could fill it with a few items relevant to you both now, such as pictures of yourselves, famous people you like, or a small bottle of alcohol. Optionally, you could then have them add to it with their own memories, before you lock it up and bury it for the next thirty or so years.

The great thing about this is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving, providing you with a great talking point for their 60th birthday, too. 

Kool 8 

For those working in high-flying jobs who leave the house early in the morning and return late at night, having a durable water bottle is essential. 

If this sounds like your friend, this Kool 8 bottle is the perfect gift for them. Not only is it made from high-quality stainless steel, but it’s also double-insulated, making it perfect for storing hot drinks on the cold, early morning walks to the office in winter. 

Unlike a lot of similar options, Kool 8 has gone all out to ensure this bottle looks stylish by advertising it in three different colours; red, blue and lime. This means that whatever the personality of your friend, you’re bound to find a bottle they like on their website.

Whole Bottle Wine Glass

As you approach your 30th birthday, you’re bound to have a love-hate relationship with wine or know somebody who does. 

If this is the case for your friend, what better way to tell them you know them well than to treat them to this whole bottle of wine glass? 

Not only will it tell them you’ve thought about them, but it could become a genuine conversation piece at the next big party or the perfect saviour after a difficult day at work.

Imaware. health 

Although not the most exciting gift, gifting your friend a celiac disease testing kit could be the thing your friend is most grateful for in years to come if it yields promising results.

Despite celiac disease affecting 1% of the American population, so many deals with stomach pains after eating like it’s normal, but what if there was a chance to be free of said difficulties?

As long as your friend is okay with sending a few drops of blood away, this test can reveal all and may help your friend live a pain-free future if they know what foods to cut out of their diet. 

Omron HeartGuide 

It’s as we approach our thirties that many of us will begin to worry about our physical health. In the age of technology, where new smart devices are released every year, many of us are turning to them to easily monitor and improve our health over time.

If your friend has been speaking about wanting to do the same, investing in an Omron Heartguide can give them the push-start they need.

Having received high praise online since its release, with many focusing on the stylish watch’s accuracy, your friend will no doubt be overjoyed with this gift. 

In addition to heart rate, this watch will also measure sleeping patterns, fitness habits, and blood pressure, all wrapped up in one stylish, black watch.

Things That Might Kill You

If your friend admits to being a bit of a hypochondriac or has a dark sense of humour, this book detailing hundreds of different diseases is perfect for them.

With different sections contained within this 256-page book, your friend can flip to the symptom they are experiencing and find out many reasons why this may kill them.

It’s important to think about the relationship you share before gifting someone this, but if you think they’ll love it, it’s a great way to ease the tension of their last milestone birthday for 20 years. 


When it comes to varied lists of 30th birthday gift ideas, this one is definitely up there with one of the best. From sentimental gifts referencing a special date you shared together to jokey gifts about death, you’re sure to have found something that your friend will love on this milestone birthday! 

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