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Breadcrumbing are you being used by the partner

Breadcrumbing is even worse than just disappearing because this behaviour looks somewhat sadistic. In fact, a person does not break up but prefers to keep you on the hook. This is a conscious line of behaviour. First, they lure the victim with periodic attention, flattery and some intrigue, and then disappear for some time. This is a game for control and dominance. Breadcrumbing is when a person in social networks deliberately misleads you that there is a romantic relationship between you. For example, a person sends you a number of flirting and promising messages to interest you and leave in standby mode. How can you recognize the signs you’re being used?

  • Your partner makes less effort to be close to you.

They offer to meet and even agree on specific dates, but they cancel or postpone your date at the last moment. Such a person creates the appearance of being always busy. They can disappear for a while that searching of ukrainian brides. At the same time, they always regret that the date did not take place, and confidently declare that everything will work out the next time.

  • You never understand at what level your relationship is.

Your partner is inconsistent and unpredictable in expressing their interest in you. One day, you are almost sure that they are in love with you, and another day you clearly understand that you face ignorance. One example of such behaviour is when your partner doesn’t respond to your messages for a long time.

  • You ask yourself what you’ve done wrong.

How to know if you’re being used? Every time when you don’t get a reply, you are perplexed and reflect on what you have done wrong. Surely, you haven’t done anything wrong, but the essence of breadcrumbing is precisely to put a worm of doubt in you.

  • Your partner sends you a sudden message.

You receive unexpected and inconsistent messages which confuse you and even cause a little panic. They communicate with you every few days, but only on their own terms to amuse their ego and continue to hold you. You accept this behaviour, but your self-image begins to suffer. You are tired of being used.

  • Your partner feels when you are almost ready to break with them.

When you have already given up hope, this person begins to feel your absence.  They suddenly appear in your life. Now, everything starts from the very beginning but with even more flattery and seductive baits. The manipulator will again make contacts not to let you escape forever.

  • You face the passive-aggressive behaviour of the partner.

When you understand that you are being used for sex and try to resist this manifestation of breadcrumbing, the partner becomes passive-aggressive. This is a sure sign that they are trying to manipulate you, and you are destroying all their plans.

  • You feel confusion and discomfort.

When you receive their messages, you are in turmoil and feel really bad. Every time you ask yourself, “Am I being used?” because you feel unconscious anxiety from such contacts.

How to react to breadcrumbing?

There is no universal way to avoid manipulation because you can understand the true intentions of a person only in the process of communication. However, there is something that will help you get rid of the influence, it is your self-esteem. Many people continue to communicate with those who use them, not because they are too stupid to realize what is happening. Common sense asks them, “Why would a person show attention if they are not interested in me?” The best thing you can do to understand that you are being used and say goodbye to such people without regrets is to work on yourself. Take care of yourself, do what you love and value your time. So, you show an example of how you should be treated by others.

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