Developing new products
A Gillette case study

Page 0: Introduction

Mr King C. Gillette devised and marketed the first safety razor in 1901. In a short space of time, Gillette converted his idea into a highly successful, marketable product. Speed to market has been a characteristic of the famous company, which still bears his name today. The Gillette Company continues to recognise the importance of 'being ahead of the field' in a competitive market in which...
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Page 1: First mover: advantages and risks

The Gillette Company has a long history of being 'the first to market...' in its own areas of operation. Its achievements include producing the first successful: safety razor 1901 twin bladed razor 1972 twin bladed disposable razor 1976 pivoting head razor 1979 pivoting head disposable razor 1980 razor designed specifically for women - Sensor 1992 triple blade razor - Mach 3 1998 battery...
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Page 2: Researching and developing a new product

Properly conducted market research will identify the kinds of new, improved products that consumers would switch to if they become available. That involves asking the right questions of the right people, and also placing a proper interpretation on their answers. In the past, manufacturers produced products and then tried to sell them to consumers. Successful organisations find out what the...
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Page 3: Beating the competition and growing the business

In order to guide itself and ensure the entire company is aligned in its objectives, an organisation often develops a vision statement. A vision statement is intended to convey what the organisation 'is all about'. It is important to internal audiences i.e. Gillette's staff, so they all know in which direction to pull. It is also important to external audiences such as the retailers who buy from...
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Page 4: Identifying consumers' needs and wants: Gillette

Gillette's research shows that in 2002, more than 1.7 billion men over 15 years old remove hair daily, with over 80% using a blade and razor. From this, Gillette has calculated that the world market for blades, razors, shaving creams and gels in 2002 was in excess of £5 billion a year. Gillette's research has also revealed that the primary factors that consumers look for include: Through...
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Page 5: Conclusion

Gillette has a long, distinguished history. It remains innovative. Its scientists, technicians and product engineers are continually trying out new features and production techniques with a view to improving product performance e.g. how to: get the closest and most comfortable shave make longer-lasting batteries, which meet the changing needs of the consumer produce increasingly effective and...
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