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Go big or go home – Sildenafil

Erectile dysfunction sounds very dire, and in honesty, there’s hardly a man alive who’ll discuss ED with any enthusiasm. Men tend to treat ED like it’s a curse. In actuality, it’s the inability to talk about ED that makes it a curse for men and women, both.

How are women affected by ED? Well, they are affected quite severely due to ED. The moment a man suffers from ED, not only will he lose his ability to get or hold an erection, he’ll have reduced libido too. 

So, there goes your sex life. And, most women in sexual relations with men suffering from ED, inevitably blame themselves for their partner’s lack of interest in sex. 

They begin to feel undesirable. On the other hand, men with ED feel a crippling sense of inadequacy.

So, is a solution to this dilemma? There is a solution to every problem. But, let’s take a look at some of the causes of ED. Then, we can discuss the ways to reverse the effects of ED.

Causes Of ED

Erectile dysfunction may be triggered for many reasons. We’ll be talking about the most common causes.


Stress is enough to give a person a heart attack, diabetes, even cause Parkinson’s Disease. So, ED comes around the bottom of the list where stress plays a huge part in disrupting lives. 

Stress may be a part of life, but most people simply haven’t mastered the art of handling stress. And, that’s where the problem begins.


Certain medications and medical treatments cause ED. These drugs are often used in dire cases, such as medicine for Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, Peyronie’s Disease.

Chemotherapy is done to treat cancer and may result in ED. The good news is that as soon as the treatment or medication is over, ED is gone for good.

Bad Habits and Sedentary Lifestyles

Drinking, smoking, or drug abuse may be common. But, that still doesn’t make it good for your body. In fact, these nasty habits have quite an impact on your sex drive. 

Similarly, living an idle life with little physical exertion, and plenty of unhealthy food will lead to obesity and metabolic disorders. And, guess what that does to your performance in bed?

Let’s just say neither you nor your partner will be happy walking out of the bedroom.

So, is there something you can do to reverse ED? Of course, there is. 

Try Sildenafil

This FDA-approved drug works the same as Viagra. Sildenafil makes you last longer in bed, and the best part is that it’s way cheaper than Viagra. So, be bold and purchase Sildenafil tablets. And, give your partner and yourself the satisfaction you deserve.

Live Right And Eat Right

Quitting your bad habits will bring about a positive change in your health as well as your overall well-being. And, no we’re not just talking about drug abuse. No, we’re talking about smoking and drinking too.

Moreover, bring a change to your lifestyle. Eat healthy food, stay away from oily, processed food, and go for organic. Also, adopt a physical exertion like walking. jogging, or aerobics

In Conclusion

If you manage even half the things mentioned, you’ll be able to say hello to your sex drive. ED isn’t as big a problem as it’s been made into. All you have to do to put a lid on ED is to man up.

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