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Heres why you should be using an automated employee management system

When you’re running a business with a lot of employees working on shifts, you know you’ll have to manage all the data related to their attendance, payroll and shifts during a working month. If you adopt the old school way of collecting and processing all the data, then you’ll have to spend hours straight doing the tiring accounts work. This is where time clock wizard comes in, we have uniquely designed our online service and have added all the necessary features to help the businesses collect and process the employee data quickly.

Time clock wizard combines payroll, attendance and automated time clock services on one single platform to save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. By using our services, you can keep up with some of the biggest organizations in world who are always looking to make their employee management system effective and easy to use. Here are some benefits that you can get by using the time clock wizard services.

Keeps The Errors Out

In the traditional employee management system, all the employee report back to the office with the hours they’ve put into work in a single day, and then that time is stores in the database to calculate total pay of the employees at the end of each month. But a major drawback of this outdated system is that it is prone to many personal errors, and often the works hours are typed incorrectly, and this leads to more problems for the employees, decreasing their productivity in turn.

Using an automated software like time clock wizard gives you the luxury of storing the work hours and other details of the employees without the fear of making any errors in the process. Biometric services are also provided to help the employees input their correct working time and track all the information being stored through an online portal. In addition to all these benefits, this data can be stored and transferred in the online portal to save the space and keep them secure from any unauthorized hands.

Increases The Productivity

In the last days of every working month, the relevant office is tasked with collecting all the working hours of the employees to create a payroll and process the payments due. While this is okay if you have one to two employees, but it can become a real hassle if the number is any bigger, and the whole process can take hours or even days to complete.

You can cut the processing time drastically by starting to use the time click wizard to automatically collect the times of your employees. In addition to collecting the data, you can also set the software to send the collected data automatically to an online payroll processing program to save you a lot of time and effort. This type of effective steps can help your employees work more and care less about their payment, automatically leading to an increased productivity and better work environment.

Leads To More Satisfied Employees

Automated time clock software not only make the otherwise tiring office work a breeze for you, but it also helps your employees see through the whole transparent process, and this can ultimately lead to more satisfied employees.

By automating the whole process, these programs can eliminate the chances of any human errors when proceeding. When the process is fast and error free, the employees are more likely to get paid correctly and on time. Another thing that you can do to empower your employees is that you can give them access to your online portal to help them keep a look on their record.

Easier Shift Allotment

Shift allotment is a major issue in many businesses operating these days. In the manual process, HR needs to access the availability time of every employee and allot them shifts accordingly. This process is also prone to human errors, and might lead to workplace disputes in the long run. So, make sure you automate all of your employee management system by using Time Clock Wizard. We give you a free trial (no credit card required) before starting changing you a reasonable monthly fee. The software can help you automate your business in a hassle free way.

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