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9 HR tools highly recommended by HR professionals

There is no exaggeration in saying that HR professionals are the building blocks of an organization. Various material assets of an organization lie waste in the absence of the efficient and dedicated human resources. These material assets can be properly channelized by the core people of the organizations, its human resource. Here, comes the role of the Human resource professionals, a link between the employees of an organization and its management.

The functions of the human resource are quite diverse such as recruitment, selection, orientation, training and development, payroll management, retaining of employees, and much more. An HR professional must have a skill set of some key qualities that make him or her an apple of the eye of the employees as well as of the management. The set of these key qualities includes proactive in nature, excellent communication skills, proper resource management skills, and above all the HR manager must possess time management skills.

Time once lost, never comes back. When considered in the context of an HR manager, the value of time increases manifold, as an HR professional has to manage multifarious functions within the limited time constraints.

Therefore, in this age of information and technology some important tools are there to assist the HR professionals in its diverse range of functions such as recruitment, payroll management, efficient time management, and other such allied activities. Out of these widely available tools, some of the tools are highly recommended by the HR professionals. Let’s have a glance at 9 such tools that are highly recommended by the HR professionals to execute their functions effectively and in an easy manner.

Nine HR tools that are highly recommended by the HR professionals. 

Some of the tools are really worth using and therefore, these tools are termed as the right hand of the HR Manager. So, lets review such nine tools in brief –

Human Resource information system: The work of the HR team is quite crucial as well as complex in nature. HR professionals have to manage vast information and it becomes cumbersome to manage such a vast information accurately. Therefore, The human resource information system, which is a reliable software, assists to solve this problem of data management. It is just a child’s play to store such information in this software. Let’s see what kind of information can be organized with the help of this software.

  • This software helps to prepare data reports related to employees. These reports are extremely crucial at the time of audit of an organization.
  • With this software, it becomes easy to manage the entire human resource of the organization easily.
  • It also assists in recording employees valuable information such as employee credentials, payroll management, and a lot more.

Zoho People: This is another highly recommended tool by the HR professionals. This is basically a cloud-based HR management platform which is widely preferred by the talent acquisition managers. Zoho People is a platform which is specifically designed for the small and medium scale business organization.

At Zoho People, there are a number of platforms with the help of which the HR managers can easily track the monthly leaves of the employees. Besides these, some other important activities can be managed by this awesome tool, like it can create customized forms, and manage performance appraisals, manage the employee attendance records. In fact, this tool goes a long way in simplifying the work of the HR manager.

Zoho recruits assisting widely in the recruitment process: More than half of the time of HR is consumed in recruitment activities. No matter whether one has to deal with a small firm or a large organization, recruitment is one of the vital accountability of the entire HR team. Therefore, now various automated tools are available which can simplify the complex work of recruitment. Zoho recruit is gathering momentum among the HR professionals as the easiest tool for managing the entire recruitment process. Moreover, it is a customized and affordable tool also which can save the precious time of the HR professionals.

Bamboo HR- A boon for all activities of HR: Bamboo HR is an awesome tool with the help of which it becomes easy to eliminate the manual tracking of data. This is a splendid tool with the help of which you can say goodbye to the spreadsheets. This tool is well known for its various features such as employee signature, employee self on boarding and customized reports creation. What else can be expected from a tool.

Track star: The next tool in the series of the tools that are highly recommended by the professionals is the Track star, a tool related to measuring the performance evaluation of the employees. This tool helps in designing of the customized forms for taking reviews. Besides this, an appealing feature of this tool is that it keeps everyone in a loop while taking the feedback of the employees.

Bonusly: This tool has been highly recommended by the HR professionals. Every employee wants to get recognition at a rapid scale and enjoys the various rewards and recognition quickly as it boosts the morale of the employees as well as the entire organization. Bonusly helps in empowering organizations by building a culture of recognition and reward. It helps to boost the morale of the employees by bringing them in limelight in several ways. This tool helps everyone to recognize their peers, managers, and direct reports.

Codility: Codility is an important tool which assists in simplifying the technical recruitment. It is a tool which assists in putting forward typical coding challenges before the interview candidates. It automates the process of creating coding tests, evaluates the performance of the candidates and at last getting in touch with the best programmers.

ULTI pro: It is a tool related to human resource information system which integrates the task of performance management with the other functions such as compensation management. ULTI pro also helps in efficient time sheet management as well as succession management. It is also widely preferred by the HR professionals.

Namely: Namely is also an effective tool continuously recommended by the HR professionals. It is an effective tool that integrates the various functions together such as an employee database, payroll, and other allied functions. This tool also assists in making the orientation process of the employees quite easy and effective. Namely is also recommended by the Hr professionals widely because it gives customized performance review which helps in an effective performance evaluation.

So, these are some important tools that are highly recommended by the HR professionals. These tools make the complex tasks of the HR team a quick and fun process that can be completed easily without much stress. Thanks to the advancement in information and technology which has made such tools available to the HR professionals for making their work simple.

All in All, one can say that in this age of information and technology, the presence of several automated tools is a boon for the HR professionals. These tools help a lot in saving the precious time and money of an organization by making the recruitment process quick and transparent. This really goes a long way in retaining of the valuable employees of the organization.

Author Bio: Jasika Adams is a writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of human resources, startups and business management. she is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, she loves to play with her kids and reading mystery books.

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