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How can Businesses Communicate Effectively with HRM Software?

Communication is a key element in any successful business and with more staff now working from home, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure communication is as smooth as possible. One of the most effective ways to do this is with the use of Cezanne’s HRM software. Digital solutions are the way forward for most industries during an increasingly uncertain time.

Human resource management software is no new invention, however, over recent years it has adapted and grown to provide benefits across businesses and is no longer an asset for just the HR team. We take a look at how information software for human resources is helping organisations achieve their best results and improve communication.


Every industry is responsible for securely holding sensitive data, whether this is for a client or for staff, such as bank details, ID information and any other personal data.

Storing these on office computers can be effective, providing the right security software is in place, However, with so many employees now working from home, it is likely their security is not as high as that in the office.

HRM software securely stores any information required on the cloud, this can only be accessed by those who have the authority to do so, with password-protected accounts. Meaning prying eyes will not be able to access sensitive information.

Management software for human resources utilises the cloud, meaning this data won’t be lost if a computer breaks, is lost or is stolen.

With paper copies removed, this means there is no wasted time searching for paperwork or having to share these copies between separate households. Those who need to see this information, providing they have the authority to do so, can access these at any time, from any device, dramatically reducing wasted time.

Instant Sharing

It isn’t just sensitive data that can be stored with HRM software, in fact, anything a business needs to share with its employees can be uploaded.

These files are shared instantly and even large documents can be held within the cloud. Not only can they be shared, but also be edited in real-time while staying safe and secure on external servers.

While sharing files via email can work, organising information with an HRM software account, makes everything easy to find for staff and won’t get lost within a busy inbox.

Make Messaging Easier

There’s nothing more annoying than being cc’d into a long email chain, sometimes it doesn’t even hold relevance to the recipient. Multiple ‘reply all’ responses can lead to inboxes getting clogged, staff becoming irate and eventually, the chain is completely ignored, even if the message does become relevant.

HRM software has the ability for communication channels to be created for the relevant teams and recipients for any need, from projects, client queries and even just talking about office maintenance or voting on what the next social event should be.

This means that staff are no longer have to filter through long email chains to check if anything is relevant to them, they know what they have received will be applicable to them on an HRM system.

Staying Compliant

Every sector has specific regulations that it must follow and straying from these can lead to drastic implications. While most staff will be fully trained to follow these rules within their induction, it is likely that changes will occur frequently and staff need to keep updated with these.

No longer can employees attend meetings or training sessions regarding new practices and sending out a company-wide email can lead to many missing this information and potentially risking fines if they aren’t aware of these new regulations.

When managers and directors need to relay this new important information, they can do so via the HRM software to all those who need to be made aware.

Tracking features can allow the sender to see who has opened this and make it easier to chase those who are yet to do so. There are even options to ask employees to electronically sign and acknowledge they have read and understood the information, meaning there is no excuse in the future for anybody not remaining compliant or using the excuse that they were not aware of.

In some industries, it is compulsory for employees to be told this information and by having an electronic paper trail to show this has been done, any audit should be passed with ease.

The best way for any business to make it through the pandemic is to make sure all departments are clearly communicating and that no information is being lost or ignored. HRM software can help businesses of all sectors and can even be tailored to more specific needs and requirements. By clearly relaying to your HRM software vendor the wants and needs of the business, they can create a package and even bespoke features that mean businesses are getting exactly what they need to help them thrive.

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