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Know the career opportunities in the eSports business

With the rapid development of the video gaming industry, a new tidal wave of exceptional career opportunities has taken birth. Now there are limitless possibilities for career growth in the eSports business.

For these jobs, you don’t need to be a professional gamer, all you need is to be an expert in the field you are applying for with some knowledge regarding how eSports business works. The betting24 urges that the job opportunities the video game industry has can be divided into technical jobs, business jobs and eSports specified jobs.

Technical Gaming Jobs

All the jobs related to look and feel designing of the game and adding details to every possible thing.

Video Game Designer

Designing the core concept of the game, character building, ideation of storyline and making it interactive for more players to involve in it.

Software Developer

Converting ideas into useful codes and making sure of the seamless performance of the video game without any glitches.

Animation Engineer

Engineering the visualization concept of the game and keeping the track of the storyline in the video game prototype and bringing life to the game.

Video Game QA Engineer

Video game quality control specialist reporting all the bugs to the programmers to ensure fixation before game release.

Audio Engineer

Responsible for all the sounds and variations of music in the video game. Either it is the main soundtrack, background music, the voice of characters, etc.


Writing storyline of the video game, characters interaction and dialogue, making scenarios and writing every detail with technicality.

Technical Support Engineer

After the release of the game, working on the glitches and bugs reported by the players.

Business Gaming Jobs

All the jobs related to the gaming industries that are related to the promotional activity of the video game.

Market Researcher

Collection of data regarding the game such as demographical data, potential target audience, player statistics, etc.

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing advertising campaigns for the newly developed games and helping it reaching out to gamers.

Sales Representative

Selling video games to retailers and wholesalers on the behalf of the game publishers with keen knowledge about the market and its dynamics.


With knowledge regarding financial stats developing the game as per the budget and marketing it to correct target audience.

eSports Jobs

Career development opportunities solely in the eSports business.

eSports Athlete

A professional gamer who have signed a contract with any eSports team and participates in gaming tournaments.

eSports Coach

Professional players who have ended their careers as eSports athletes and join as coaches to guide new players.

eSports Team Owner & Manager

Responsible for managing team budget and negotiating with the sponsors, whereas the manager leads and motivates the team in the long run.

eSports Marketing Specialist

Managing the sales and marketing work for the eSports business and getting merchandise for the team.


The eSports business has immense potential with exciting career development opportunities.Join the eSports career that suits you and your comfort.

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