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6 steps organizing charity ball

Organising a charity ball fundraising event will allow you to raise a considerable amount of money for a worthy cause. To maximise your profit, you will need to ensure you host a great night that will encourage as many donations as possible. To make the process a lot less daunting, read the six steps to organising a charity ball.

  1. Outline Your Aims of the Ball

Before you hire a venue or caterer, identify the aims of the charity ball to ensure you never lose sight of your goals throughout the planning process. For example, do you want to raise as much money as possible for one or more charities? Do you want to boost a small charity’s profile? Do you want to encourage more volunteers?

  1. Decide a Date for the Ball

Once you have established the goal of the charity ball, you must then decide on a date. Try to pinpoint a date when your guests are more than likely to be available; for instance, you should avoid organising an event during the school holidays or if it clashes with a major sporting event. The event date could also be linked to an important date. For example, you could host a ball for a cancer charity during a specific cancer awareness month, which will complement an event’s goals.

  1. Find a Venue

The main objective of an event isn’t to provide a luxury affair, it is to raise as much money as possible for a charity. You will want people to have a good time, but not at the expense of the cause. You should, therefore, find a suitable, affordable event that will accommodate your guest list – and you could even try to secure a free or discounted venue. For instance, you could discuss hosting the ball free of charge at a local hotel, town hall or community centre.

  1. Plan the Entertainment

Keep your guests fed, watered and entertained throughout the evening, which will ensure everyone has a good time. As a result, they will be more likely to make a large or small donation to the cause. It’s possible a local wine merchant might be happy to provide free drinks to sponsor the event. You should also choose an entertainer to have your guests laughing, dancing or singing. For example, you can discover fantastic bands for hire at Entertainment Nation.

  1. Set Ticket Pricing

Unless you are inviting affluent guests to the charity ball, you should not overcharge on the ticket price. Set affordable ticket pricing to encourage as many guests as possible to attend the event, who will also spend a substantial amount of money throughout the night on drinks, silent auctions, raffles or extra donations.

  1. Plan Your Prizes

Auctions and raffles are an effective way to fundraise during a charity ball. Plan your prizes by asking local businesses to donate their products and services to the event, which will allow your guests to walk away with a superb prize once the evening is over.

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