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How important is a good mattress to your sleep and mental health

When you shop for a mattress, you usually think of landing a good deal and choosing just any slumber surface you find. However, the quality of your mattress has a significant impact on your sleep, and thus your mental health. Sleeping on the right mattress that fully supports the weight of your body leads to a good quality of sleep that allows your body to replenish. If you’ve recently developed insomnia or other sleeping problems, and you haven’t bought a new mattress in more than a decade, you might want to consider hitting the stores and purchasing a mattress that will grant you a good night’s sleep. 

Here’s how sleeping on the right mattress can affect your sleeping habits and your mental wellbeing.

Stress and Anxiety

Getting enough sleep allows your whole body to replenish from daily stress, and this includes your muscles. If you currently have a dilapidated mattress and you’re suffering from constant fatigue, you might want to switch it up for a new one because it’s the core of your sleeping problems. Sleeping on an old mattress leads to stress building up in your body. This physical stress then takes a toll on you mentally and can contribute to, or even develop anxiety in the long run. Some research has also shown that sleep disturbances can also develop clinical conditions such as depression and other serious psychological illnesses.

Body Aches and Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the major symptoms of poor quality sleep, which especially goes for uneven mattresses. As you sleep, your body needs to be supported evenly, which allows your muscles to rest and replenish. The result of sleep deprivation is fatigue and body aches, which take a toll on your alertness and productivity throughout the day. Another sign is also aching joints, which happens due to the uneven support for your spinal curvature. A good and comfortable mattress should distribute the weight of your body evenly to remove stress from any body part. You can browse online for the kind of mattresses that were quality tested before distribution. You’ll find Leesa quality analysis usually makes it to the top of the list, seeing as it’s made of durable memory foam. When you sleep on a new mattress, these aches and pain are alleviated in a few weeks.

Concentration and Mental Health

Sleep is crucial to sound mental health. Lack of sleep, which commonly happens as a result of sleeping on a worn-out bed, can cause serious mental health conditions or contribute to those you may already have. Poor quality of sleep, in some extreme cases, can even trigger hallucinations. That said, if you’re not comfortable while you rest, you’re more likely to have stressful nightmares. When your body doesn’t receive the rest it needs, you’ll find it very difficult to concentrate when you wake up. No amount of coffee will make you alert enough to be productive, and you may notice that you’re more forgetful and generally lazy. You can usually tell that it’s time to buy a new mattress when no amount of sleep seems to be enough.


When you think of the side effects of an old mattress, you rarely ever think about allergies. However, the worn-out bed you sleep on highly contributes to the number of allergens that you inhale. Over time, the stuffing in your mattress collects dust mites, which cannot be removed by washing, seeing as you’re constantly providing them with exactly what they need to feed one: dead skin, hair, and body oil, as well as dust. That said, dust mites aren’t something you’ll want to co-exist with as they can be very dangerous. In the long run, it’s possible that you could develop serious health conditions such as asthma and sinus infections. On top of that, dust mites are also dangerous for people with skin conditions. They can irritate sensitive skin, cause uncontrollable breakouts on your body, and can even put your immune system at risk. All of the above translates to poor quality of sleep since your body is constantly fighting off allergens as you rest. 

Sleeping on a high-quality mattress is crucial to a good night’s sleep, and thus sound mental health. Lack of sleep, or poor quality rest, can result in some serious mental health conditions in severe cases. At best, your old mattress is merely causing your body aches and fatigue; however, the severity of these side effects escalate when it comes to psychological wellbeing. If you’ve recently developed insomnia, and you sleep on an old mattress, remember that you’re making an investment for a better quality of life.

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