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How to adapt your business for disabled employees

Life can be challenging in the workplace for those with disabilities, so making sure your office or working environment is adapted is crucial. Over the years things have changed, and with legislations in place to ensure businesses have adapted to cater for everyone, there are a number of things you will need to do to make sure your business is being both complaint and offering equality for all.

There are various ways in which you can adapt your workplace in order to meet the needs of employees with disabilities. Here are just some of them…

Help fund disabled friendly transport

Whether that’s hiring out a vehicle you own yourselves or helping towards the purchase of a wheelchair accessible mode of transport from the likes of Allied Mobility, assisting your employees to get from A to B is important. No matter if it’s for attending client meetings, transport to and from home or even to help them get to important medical appointments, helping to fund disabled friendly transport is a great way for your business to show you are fully adapted and care.

Improve access to all parts of your building

From everything like ramps to access slightly raised floors, lifts to access other office areas and having wider wheelchair-accessible doors, there are a number of things your business can do to improve your existing building space. Most of these are relatively inexpensive improvements, but they’re important ones for ensuring every space is accessible.

Eliminate physical barriers

As an employer, you’ll need to make sure that employees have the appropriate equipment to fit their needs. This could include furniture adaptations such as height adjustable desks or kitchen facilities. No matter what their needs may be, its important they are met and that they are comfortable and able to perform their job as easily as possible.

Be flexible with hours to allow for medical appointments

Employers need to be flexible; whether it’s for allowing time for medical appointments and visits to hospital or allowing them to work on a lower floor of the building if they need to, there are a number of ways in which you can work together to ensure the environment is as accommodating as possible.

By making key changes and adaptations to your business premises, you can ensure your business is accessible to all. Fighting for equality in business is vital, as is adhering to the legal regulations you need to.

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