If you’re searching for an office supplies company to open a Net 30 account with, you might be wondering which direction to go in. There are lots of options to consider and finding the perfect one for you and your business can be a tough choice – especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Here, we share how to choose between Crown Office Supplies and Summa Office Supplies, and the features that you should consider when making your decision.

Choose the one that reports to the most credit agencies

As a small business or start-up, improving your business credit rating is very important as this will enable you to borrow or gain credit from more sources in the future. Larger, more established businesses need a strong credit rating too, so anyone looking for an office supplies company should aim to choose the one that reports to the most credit agencies – as this will boost your score. With this in mind, a Net 30 account with Crown Office Supplies is the ultimate choice over Summa Office Supplies, as they report to five credit bureaus whereas Summa Office Supplies only report to two. The two that both Crown Office Supplies and Summa Office Supplies report to are Equifax and Experian, which are both highly valued – but the more agencies reported to the better.

In addition to Equifax and Experian, Crown Office Supplies also report to Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), NACM, and CreditSafe. These three credit agencies all have their benefits, so choosing Crown Office Supplies over Summa Office Supplies is definitely advised. Through reporting to D&B, you will be given a DUNS number which is essential if you ever want to bid on government contracts, and this is a number that is recognised worldwide and will put you in a good position for borrowing or getting credit in the future. NACM membership opens up loads of doors for businesses, as they will help you to grow your credit score through giving you access to resources, materials, conferences, and seminars that will provide you with all that you need to boost your rating. Finally, through reporting to CreditSafe you’ll know that your business is in safe hands, as their accurate systems can predict 70% of insolvencies up to a year in advance.

From this, it’s easy to see that Crown Office Supplies are superior to Summa Office Supplies when it comes to reporting to more credit agencies and improving your business credit score, so opening a Net 30 account with them is the way to go.

Choose the one that offers the most products

When it comes to equipping an office, you want to ensure that you’ve chosen to buy from a company that offers all that you could ever need. From stationery and office care packs to desks and computers, Crown Office Supplies have everything required to keep your company going. On the other hand, Summa Office Supplies are focussed on downloadable products, such as antivirus programs and videos, so there isn’t such a wide range to choose from. You’ll be able to buy branded items through Crown Office Supplies, whereas this isn’t the case with Summa Office Supplies.

With this in mind, once again, Crown Office Supplies are a better option than Summa Office Supplies when it comes to opening a Net 30 account with one of these companies.

Choose the one with a customer reward system

Feeling appreciated is important, and you’re far more likely to feel loyal to a company and happy to shop there if you feel like they truly appreciate your business. This is where customer reward systems come in, as they show that a company wants to provide a great service and thank its customers in a fantastic way. Crown Office Supplies have a customer reward system in place which will give you $15 every time you recommend the company to someone who then goes on to make a purchase. On opening a Net 30 account with Crown Office Supplies, you’ll be given a link which you can include in your emails, on your website, on your social media channels, and through simply sending it onto friends, family, and other business owners. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your link, you’ll be rewarded with $15 in cash – it’s that simple!

In comparison, Summa Office Supplies don’t offer a customer reward system, so you won’t benefit from sharing their services with people that you think might be interested.

Now that you know how to choose between Crown Office Supplies and Summa Office Supplies you should be able to see that Crown Office Supplies are the best option. With a great product range, lots of credit agencies to report to, and a reward system on offer, there really is no other choice to be made.