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4G: advantages and disadvantages

4G: advantages and disadvantages

Nowadays, even children spend a huge amount of time online. In order not to feel discomfort while playing games, downloading files, watching videos and doing other tasks, it is important to have a high-speed connection, which provides LTE. 

What is 4G?

4G LTE stands for the long-term evolution of the 4th generation and aims to provide users with faster, more stable and mobile broadband Internet for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

There are several technologies that are often referred to as fourth generation networks: LTE, HSPA +, WiMAX and UMB. The last is not popular among operators and is practically not tested. WiMAX is also rarely used, and only LTE and HSPA + can be called really relevant, which is another refinement of HSPA technology, which is often referred to as “3.5G”.

Any obvious technological differences that allow HSPA + to be included in the new generation of 4G are difficult to identify, but such networks demonstrate the required data rates, which may be enough.

LTE is a communication standard that is directly based on and closely related to the 2G (GSM / EDGE) and 3G (UMTS / HSPA) we’ve already known. Compared to previous generations, it demonstrates a giant step in the field of speed and bandwidth, which is achieved through the introduction of a new radio interface and refinement of the network core.

Fourth-generation networks are often referred to as “4G LTE” because it is LTE technology that incorporates all the best of past developments and generally looks like a logical continuation of the history of development. During the development of a standard, there were two main tasks: to simplify the architecture of networks and make them simpler and to significantly increase bandwidth.

In fact, all goals have been achieved. One of the main changes is the emergence of a new method of digital signal processing, which has accelerated the new network, compared to its predecessors.

Advantages of 4G

With each new generation of mobile communications, we have seen many changes. For the average user, it will be enough to increase the bandwidth and in general the “speed of the Internet”, but behind this is a huge number of other changes.

LTE technology has a number of features:

  • The minimum data transfer delay can be as low as 2 milliseconds;
  • Ability to work with older mobile standards. For example, you can start a conversation with someone while in the LTE coverage area, and continue communicating without any special problems by switching to 2G / 3G;
  • Brand new packet switching radio interface;
  • There is support for both TDD and FDD (best compatibility with different types of communication);
  • Each 5 MHz cell can have a minimum of 200 active clients.

Disadvantages of 4G

The only downside to 4G LTE compared to previous generations (2G / 3G) may be, perhaps, only the increased battery consumption. But this is a very shaky argument against the use of this technology. Yes, the new radio module consumes much more energy, but also transmits data much faster – there are two sides to the same coin.


LTE is a technology that is used to exchange data between mobile devices. Among other standards is the fourth generation and the most common version of the network today, especially if you often use the mobile Internet.

It is definitely worth mentioning that LTE is a very cool thing, but only in places with good coverage, otherwise, the smartphone will really expend a lot of energy to find the right type of network.

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