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3 Reasons Business Should Use A Dedicated Server

External servers offer a lot of benefits to end-users which makes them increasingly popular. Not only do they offer a centralized hub for information, but they have high-level accessibility and can be easily scaled. Because of these things, they’ve become the go-to storage offering for businesses in today’s digital age.

That being said, not every business is capable of taking advantage of either public or shared servers. This could be due to the security concerns that come from it or even not having sufficient bandwidth. For those, getting public servers aren’t going to be sufficient or viable. However, there is a way for a business to retain all of the benefits of a shared server while solving those issues. That is, by getting themselves a dedicated server.

What Is A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an infrastructure that is only used by a single business. Rather than having a server that has its resources being shared, a dedicated server is dedicated to only a single user. These servers can either be located internally within a company’s very own data center or they can be hosted by a third-party hosting company.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dedicated Server?

1. Better Security

As mentioned, with a shared server, you are always going to be vulnerable because you are sharing a server with others. With a dedicated server, you will have much greater levels of security. You won’t have any vulnerability or entry point that isn’t being controlled by your own company. Services such as Beeks financial cloud offer such benefits and are the perfect choice for companies dealing with sensitive information or payments. Therefore, there is much less risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

2. Better Scaling

With a dedicated server, you will have a server that you will be able to tailor to your own needs. No matter if you are looking to increase the amount of data you are storing or you are looking to reduce it, you will be able to do so properly. with dedicated servers, you will be in control over the scaling of your server to meet the needs of your business.

3. Manage Services

If you do want to hand off the reigns to a third-party, you will be able to guarantee yourself an expert and attentive staff that you can turn to. When you are paying for dedicated servers, you will get much better attentiveness because you are a much higher paying customer. Thus, you should experience less downtime and improve your efficiency by default.

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