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How to plan a website redesign

There are many times in a company’s life where a website redesign makes sense. Perhaps you are expanding and need a more professional, robust online portal for customers to visit. Alternatively, it’s been years since you last upgraded your website, and it now looks like it solely lacks in the professionalism department.

Whether you need to add new features or simply update it for modern tastes, redesigning your website can be a very good move for your business, but only if you do it right. Investing in the wrong areas could result in a decrease in traffic instead of a boost, and not knowing what to improve could mean that you miss out on a great opportunity.

To ensure your website redesign goes perfectly, you are going to want to plan ahead and keep these steps in mind:

Audit Your Existing Website

One of the most effective ways to start a website redesign is to analyse what went right with your current design and also find flaws to improve, all in one breath. An SEO audit is a great way to do this because it will analyse technical elements, as well as on-page elements and ranking in its consideration. That way, you can make notes of which elements to keep and which need to change.

Hire a Web Design Agency with SEO Experience

Now that you have a clearer idea of what you want and what needs changing, it is time to make the magic happen. Hiring a web design agency that has SEO and PPC experience and specialists on hand is one of the best ways to design a site that is attractive to both users and search engine algorithms.

Visit Competitor Websites for Inspiration

Competitor websites can mean direct competitors, or it could simply refer to the biggest website giants in your business type. A law firm won’t find much inspiration on a retail site, for example, but they might find inspiration on a tech site, instead. Also, don’t copy directly from one site. Instead, go through and pick out elements you like from each one that really grabs your attention.

Create Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

The most successful marketing campaigns are the ones that flow from the introduction to the landing page. In this case, it means creating a campaign and then making a note of what the landing or destination page needs to have to fulfil your promise. If you create a campaign to sell a new line of products, then you are going to need a landing page that talks about the products, provides inspiration, showcases the products themselves, and so on. When redesigning your site, you can then create these landing pages and make them more appealing to boost sales, signups, or hires.

Create a Backlog of Quality Content

You want people to have a reason to return to your site, so add a blog feature and create a backlog of quality, industry-relevant content. Content gives people a reason to return, and it is great for ranking higher on search results.

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