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The best features to consider when re-designing your website

If your company is undergoing a branding facelift, then chances are your website is one of the first things to get a spruce up. However, you may be asking in this modern world, what features are absolute must-haves? Gone are the days of a short biography and an online gallery. Nowadays, websites must not only give a sense of what your brand stands for but also provide a certain level of customer service.


Chatbots are a life-saver when it comes to constraints on your customer service and sales team. If part of the point of redesigning your site is to improve your customer engagement, then updating it with a chatbot will not only give your website a modern look and feel, but it will also put less of a financial strain on your company to hire customer support.

A blog

You don’t necessarily have to describe your blog as one on your new site. Putting it under the heading of ‘What’s New?’ or ‘Latest Projects’ will give your company the outward appearance of being busy and active. It also shows customers that you want to keep them up-to-date with the latest, exciting news. It also ensures your website is attracting the right search engine traffic, making your site easy to find under the relevant search terms. On top of this, it will also give your company a voice of authority on the topics you decide to discuss online. To find out how to do this effectively, research the best web design companies in the UK to help you determine how best to integrate a blog into your website.

Meet the team

If the idea of a blog appeals to you because you want to humanise your brand more, then a ‘Meet the Team’ section is the ideal way of achieving a personalised approach. A company that is faceless and generic can rouse suspicion in those who want to get a sense of what a company stands for, so introducing page visitors to who keeps the business running will help to endear people to your brand. The only struggle might be convincing colleagues to pose for a headshot!


Aside from link building, there are plenty of other search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to research before you start with the basics. Of course, linking to reputable sites and using relevant keywords will keep you in Google’s good books, but ensuring your website isn’t cluttered with items that slow it down is also an important ranking factor. On top of this, writing high-quality content that people will want to read is far more important than the fight to rank higher than other websites.

When re-designing your website, it’s important to remember that first and foremost, it’s about the people who will visit it, not how highly Google will rank it. Aside from how visually slick and appealing your website is, it must make customers feel valued by being informative and user-friendly. If you can add a chatbot to answer any FAQs, then that might just be the cherry on top.

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