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How To Plan For A Major Office Renovation

How To Plan For A Major Office Renovation
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Office renovations are an exciting time for both business owners and employees. They signal fresh beginnings, newer building layouts, and possibly an expanded and better workspace. However, this exciting time is also quite a big undertaking that could prove to be overwhelming in more ways than one. 

A major office renovation requires a labour of commitment, time, and meticulous planning. Before you go ahead and tear down walls or dream about better aesthetics. And design for the building, you need to make sure that everything is planned to ensure that the process will go as smoothly as it possibly can.

Creating A Robust Schedule

Any major project involving work or business should be guided by a robust schedule. Time is of the essence in such undertakings. Especially if you don’t want to completely suspend operations while the construction is underway. Building a solid schedule based on your contractor’s timeline will help you know what to expect so you can efficiently adjust the operational needs of your business.

Be clear on the timeline as proposed to you by the contractor. Ideally, the renovation should happen in stages and phases. Work closely with the project manager to be in the loop of what the timetable looks like from all angles. How long will it take to work on each phase? What are the necessary inspections that need to be done and when should they be completed? 

For instance, when tackling roof repair Colorado Springs, find out how long it should take, whether it’s just a repair or a complete roof replacement.

Proactive Planning Goes A Long Way

Proactively planning every aspect of your major project will lessen the chance of unnecessary inconvenience, work disruptions, and other unforeseen mishaps down the line. Despite the renovation, the business should still operate as usual and as uninterrupted as possible. This is why office renovations are so much different from home remodelling–there’s a lot at stake if the process is delayed for even just a day.

To avoid such things from happening, you need to be proactive in planning every facet of this endeavour. This project will require adequate time to complete, or else you’ll end up hampering employee productivity. Not to mention the fact that you may spend more than what the budget has initially indicated.

Partnering with the right contractors and specialists should also be included in your proactive planning process. Your project deserves only the best staff and workers, may it be suppliers, builders, interior designers, or a dedicated team of roofing Colorado Springs. 

Building A Contingency Plan

No amount of planning is enough when it comes to projects as enormous as major renovations. If you think you already have a plan, you still need to have a backup or contingency plan to prepare when things go in the other direction. Doing so will help you devise an effective response in cases of unexpected variables and elements that may emerge during or in the middle of the renovation.

A solid contingency plan will direct you to remain on track despite the different challenges that may arise. Along with this backup plan, you should also consider creating a contingency budget to ensure that there’ll be no derailment in the project should something unexpected happen. This is such a delay in the delivery of office furniture and materials due to bad weather.

Staff Redeployments 

At some point, office construction will most definitely disrupt your business operations. While this is unavoidable, you can minimize the downtime by drafting an efficient redeployment of your staff and employees. 

For tasks that can be done remotely, you can arrange for a temporary work-at-home setup. Ensure that your staff has somewhere to go so they can continue working, as well as the equipment and technology needed to make it happen. If they don’t, you can consider creating a temporary workspace for them by identifying an area that won’t be affected by the renovation. 

Some companies opt to plan their renovations during off-peak seasons. This is such as holidays or when most of the employees are on vacation. This way, there will be less inconvenience and interruption of productivity. It’s up to you to determine when the off-season is more likely for your business.

Developing A Communication Plan

Substantial changes in the office can lead to anxiety among employees, especially when the scope of the project, goals, and expected outcomes aren’t clearly and effectively explained to them. Having said that, you need to determine how you plan on communicating with your staff and clients regarding the renovation and how it could impact them.

Before the remodel, talk to your staff and express your intent and vision for the renovation. To avoid miscommunication, your key workers and leaders must be on the same page as you. Include them in the process and let them know that you’re ready to communicate any time they need to.


Planning for a major office renovation takes time, effort, and effective communication. With these tips, you can manage the upcoming endeavour more methodically while ensuring that the business continues to conduct operations productively. It might take time to complete but the moment the hard work pays off, you’ll have a more beautiful and functional workspace that everyone in the office will surely benefit from.

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